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Out in front of the smith you can talk to Lloyd Gurloes the Blacksmith owner. He will give you a quest to find some Pure Ore.


  • Talk to Lloyd Gurloes the Blacksmith.
  • Bring him some Pure Ore. Note that this is different from regular Iron Ore.


  • You might find some either at the Crash Site or in the Bessie Toone Mine before completing the Bessie Toone quest.
  • You can make your own if you have learned the first Smithy degree and have the proper crafting ingredients.
  • Some can always be found in a storage bin at the General Store in Black Root.
  • You can wait until you put Bessie Toone's ghost to rest. After freeing Bessie Toone's ghost, return to the mine and three pure ore will be on the ground where her spirit was pacing.



It seems a bit odd that the town blacksmith cannot make his own pure ore.