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Vegard MoltenFlow is an old miner living in the residential sections of the Wheel Clan caverns. If the Living One talks to him about his past, Vegard will mention a family heirloom he was unable to retrieve from The Dredge after the ore from its mines ran dry and monsters swarmed the tunnels. He will offer the Living One a technological helmet if they retrieve the heirloom for him.

This quest can be completed by characters with low Intelligence.


  • Receive the quest from Vegard MoltenFlow.
  • Go down into The Dredge.
  • You will eventually come across a room to the right side of a tunnel. The heirloom is in an unlocked chest inside, but the door leading inside is locked. You can either...
    • Navigate through the dark parts of the Dredge further ahead and find the key to the door lying on the ground.
    • Destroy the door or pick its lock.
  • Return the heirloom to Vegard to receive your rewards.