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"Weldo found a strange object in some mysterious ruins to the north, but when he ran from the creatures there, he dropped a gear. Bring it back to him, and he marks your map for Tulla, the city of mages."


Gateway []

  • While chatting with Weldo Rubin at the Gateway, he will regale the player with tales of his adventures.
  • He will also exchange the location of Tulla for a special sprocket that he has recently lost, provided:
    • He has declined the player's invitation to join the party
    • The player is not a Halfling
    • The player is Evil
    • The player does not have at least two and a half ranks (10/20) Persuasion
  • In all other cases the quest will not offered, and the location to Tulla is instead given freely or for the small price of 100 gp

Mysterious Ruins []

  • The sprocket can be found in the Mysterious Ruins of the Wastes
  • The item can be retrieved after some creatures that have taken up residence there are dispatched
  • These are the same creatures that ran Weldo off

Gateway []

  • Weldo will be waiting back at the gateway
  • After giving him the sprocket, they will get Tulla marked on their map and receive 10,900 exp


  • Weldo will not be at the Gateway to give this quest if:
    • The location is forced, or
    • The location is marked by K'an Hua