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68 Ristezze: Find a camera OR some Bessie Toone paraphernalia. (Reward: Tarant marked on map, main story information, 1200 XP.) p. 206

Ristezze wants you to find a camera OR some Bessie Toone paraphernalia. In return, he will tell you about the P. Schuyler & Sons stamp on the signet ring found at the Crash Site, and you will gain 1200 XP (on Normal).

  • You can get a camera from the Crash Site off of the body of Isaac Zapruder.
  • You can get a boot of Bessie Toone's from the Bessie Toone Mine.
  • Note that if you give him the boot, then you can re-buy it from him immediately for less than 5 gp. This comes in handy later as you can later sell it to H. T. Parnell in Tarant for more than 250 gp.
  • The camera in turn is best saved for another quest.
  • Killing Ristezze and interrogating him about the ring through Conjure Spirit will also grant 1200 XP, including if the information was already obtained by completing this quest.