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"Find the Bow of Ecclesiastes, lost in Ruins of Szabo years ago"


Black Root []

  • Kietzel Pierce can be found in Black Root at one of the local pubs
  • Talking with him reveals that he is the Bow Master
  • He further reveals that one of his students, Dudley Crosston, has gone missing while questing for the Bow of Ecclesiastes
  • He also states that he is leaving for Caladon, and so he can neither search nor wait for Dudley or the Bow
  • Kietzel will task The Player with retrieving the Bow
  • Kietzel also asks the player that if they come across Dudley, to please let Dudley know where Kietzel has gone

Ruins of Szabo []

  • The Ruins of Szabo are located at 1028W 1322S, and they are marked on The Player's World map when accepting the quest
  • The underground ruins contain a labyrinth of three levels guarded by undead
  • Each level must be exited by extinguishing various lit torches
  • The Bow can be found in a chest on the third level

Caladon []

  • Kietzel can be found in Caladon at the desk of the Mushroom Inn by day
  • At night he is at the bar of The Toadstool
  • Giving the Bow to Kietzal results in Master Training and 800 exp
  • Telling Kietzel the ruins were empty forfeits the exp reward, but Training can still be had for 2000 gp


  • This quest can be done in tandem with the Find Dudley Crosston quest
  • Informing Kietzal of Dudley's whereabouts and intentions grants the player an additional reward of 1700 exp