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For Weapons, see Firearms (Weapons)
Firearms governs the use of all handguns and rifles. This Skill level is dependent upon your Perception (PE).


  • Firearms Apprentice: The Speed of the Character with a gun is increased by 5


  • One-Handed Firearms
  • Two-Handed Rifles
  • Two-Handed Tesla Rod

Modifiers to Firearms[]

  • Items
    • None


  • All Firearms require consumable Ammunition of some sort, be it Bullets, Fuel, or Charges
  • Half-ogres cannot wield one-handed firearms
  • Firearms in Turn Based Combat either hit or miss
  • Firearms in Real Time Combat that miss may hit another target behind the intended target
  • Firearms (aside from the Hushed Revolver) are considered Loud
  • Firearms % to Hit decreases by Strength (ST) when it is less than the Gun's MSR
  • Firearms % to Hit also decreases with distance, up to the weapon's maximum range (negated with Mastery training, see above)


  • Investing in this skill increases Technological Aptitude (or decreases Magickal Aptitude)
  • Ammunition for all Firearms can be purchased at various stores or crafted from Schematics