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This is a sandbox page to collect data about which followers will wait forever and which ones will not. We can clean it up and update the follower pages when it is complete. Note that tests should include the player NOT have a CH of 20 or above. Also tests should include waits while traveling on the world map, and after a save and reload.

  • Arronax
  • __Chukka YES__
  • _Cynthia Boggs NO_
  • _Dante NO_
  • _Doc Roberts NO_
  • __Dog (Worthless Mutt) YES__
  • Franklin Payne
  • __Gar YES__
  • _Geoffrey Tarellond-Ashe NO_
  • Gorgoth
  • _Jayna Stiles NO_
  • _Jormund NO_
  • Kraka-tur
  • -Lady Druella NO_
  • Loghaire Thunder Stone
  • _Magnus NO_
  • _Murgo NO_
  • Perriman Smythe
  • Raven
  • _Sebastian NO_
  • _Sogg Mead Mug NO_
  • _Swyft NO_
  • The Bane of Kree
  • _Thorvald Two Stones NO_
  • _Tollo Underhill NO_
  • __Torian Kel YES__
  • __Virgil YES__
  • __Vollinger YES__
  • _Waromon NO_
  • _Weldo Rubin NO_
  • _Z'an Al'urin NO_