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Location: Black Root.

Level: 35

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Stats ST: 7, CN: 8, DX: 18, BE: 9, IN: 9, WP: 8, PE: 19, CH: 8

Skills: All disciplines (one schematic each)

Payne will only show up in his home after you've visited T'sen-Ang. If you ask him the most dangerous place he's ever been, he'll answer Thanatos, and if you mention that's where you're heading next, he'll offer to join you. You might want to add Payne to your party even if you don't plan to use him, just to get his elephant gun.

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Franklin Payne Radio Drama
Franklin Payne's article in the Tarantian

MONDAY 19, TARANT - It was announced today that Franklin Payne, ESQ., would have the Coat of Arms bestowed upon him by the Tarantian Zoological Society for services above and beyond the calling of duty, and for his various contributions to the realms of scientificology.

Mr. Payne was characteristically reserved upon hearing of his upcoming honor. "Hah! They must be running low on stuffed shirts to give these awards to if they're honoring a bloke like me! HuhHa! Well, anything for a free meal, I suppose."

The banquet is to be held at the headquarters of the Zoological society, and this reporter hopes that Mr. Payne will share a tale or two culled from his fantastically thrilling expeditions.

Franklin Payne Honored
Franklin Payne Honored.png