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To start the Mastery quest you must find R.L. Morgan of (Roseborough). She will tell you that her son J.T is locked up in Caladon's prison and will ask you to deliver his lockpicking tools to him. The prison entrance is underground, and the entrance is next to the police department.

The master of Pick Locks, J.T. Morgan, can be found in the Caladon prison. He is securely locked up and cannot be broken out. Talking with the guards reveals his mother lives in Roseborough.

She is a gnome wearing a blue vest in one of the houses in the northern parts of Roseborough. Talk to her about his predicament and she will give you his special master locksmith tools, with the agreement that he will train you if you break him out.

Getting into the prison generally requires stealth and lockpicking or brute force. Once there, talk to him and he will confer Master status on you.

63 Mrs. Morgan: Free son, JT Morgan. (Reward: Master Pick Locks training, 8500 XP.)