Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

Winde, asks you to find the lost hunter. You find he is in the Bedokaan Village.

Talking with the elven hunter in the pit he has been imprisoned. The Bedokaan are being hunted by poachers. Possible solutions:

  • You can break into the locked barrel and retrieve the vine rope near the Bedokaan Leader. Eliminate the guards and free him.
  • Talk with the Bedokaan leader and convince him that the elves are not his enemy (this then leads you to the possibility of Waromon joining the party).
  • Talk with the Bedokaan leader and kill the poachers for them.
  • Talk with the Bedokaan leader, promise to kill the poachers and then double-cross them and tell the poachers where the village is. Returning to the village you will find the poachers firmly entrenched there.

Returning to Quintarra and talking with Winde, you will receive a suit of Elven Chainmail as a reward.