Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

Percival Toone, in Shrouded Hills, wants the Living One to find a way to free the ghost of his mother that is haunting the mine.


  • After receiving the quest from Percival Toone, enter the mine to the north of Percival's house. Inside is the ghost of Bessie Toone; she moans the name Sarah.
  • Return to Percival and ask him who Sarah is. She is his sister and has run away to Dernholm.
  • Travel to Dernholm and speak with Sarah. She explains that Percival, her brother, sold the mine to pay off his debts. She will ask you to regain the deed to the mine and gives the address of the person who now owns it.
  • Go to Stanton Importers at 25 Lion's Head Circle in Tarant and speak to Stanton. To get the deed, you can either kill Stanton or buy it from him. If your persuasion skill is high enough (Done with 1 point), you can convince him that you are a representative of the Industrial Council and scare him into handing over the deed.
  • If you go to Shrouded Hills and give the deed to Percival, he will give you the 500 gold he promised and Bessie Toone will no longer haunt the mine. However, he will mention plans to sell the mine again.
  • For a better result, bring the deed to Sarah Toone in Dernholm; she will keep the mine. She gives an unidentified magickal sword as a reward.


If the deed is given to Percival:

    • 1,700 experience
    • 500 gold

If the deed is given to Sarah:

    • 4,500 experience
    • Filament sword
    • Boost in good alignment (+22, with 9 Charisma and Smoking Jacket)
    • 3 pure ore will appear in the mine where Bessie Toone's spirit was pacing