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"I'm a gambler, kid, and you don't learn that in a school. I shall permit you to associate with me here at the club. We will throw dice together. If you're smart, you may even learn how to be as good as I am, though I have yet to meet the man to do it. If that day ever comes, you will have acheived the status of master gambler."
-Gurin Rockharrow, Gambling Master


This is the Mastery Quest for Gambling




  • 5,000gp minimum is needed to play.
  • 15,000gp is the safe amount to avoid going into debt with Gurin.
  • Should the player run out of money anyway, then Gurin will loan the player an additional 5,000gp stake.
  • This results in the player taking a temporary or permanent reputation hit until the debt is paid.
  • Each round is for either 1,000gp or 2,000gp.


  • The quest needs to be completed during one playing session.
  • Quitting early resets all of the playing progress.
  • To complete the quest the player needs to have a net loss of at least 10,000gp with some number of wins after that point.


  • If the player is successful then they will receive Master Training


  • Women are refused entry to the Gentlemen's Club, but they still have a few avenues:
    • Pick Pocket the key from the doorman
    • Use Unlocking Cantrip to unbar the door
    • Find out the name of the Club Owner from the doorman, getting his address from the Hall of Records, and then paying him a visit
    • Once you meet with Wendell Wellington the options branch further:
      • Pay a bribe and sleep with him for a special invitation
      • Pick Pocket the invite
      • Kill him and his bodyguard and loot his corpse for the invite
      • With 8 points (2 ranks) of melee, you can threaten him for it
      • With 4 points (1 rank) of persuasion and a Reaction Modifier of 81 you can sweet talk him for it
    • Using this invitation will allow a lady to come and go as she pleases