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Gambling comes in handy when The Player wishes to obtain money or items held by certain NPCs. The Skill level is dependent upon Intelligence (IN).


  • Gambling Apprentice: A "mark" will gamble for more expensive items
  • Gambling Expert: A "mark" will gamble away wielded items
    • Trainer: Most Bartenders


Acquiring Items[]

  • This is the skill's main use, and it is the social version of Pick Pocket.
  • Gambling for a Merchant's items is done by opening the barter screen, then dragging the item one wishes to gamble for over the button with the symbol of dice on the right side of the screen.

Acquiring Money[]

  • Most Bar Patrons and Dock Workers are willing to risk some gold with the player.

Special Side Quest[]

Modifiers to Gambling[]

  • Blessings
    • None
  • Races
    • None


  • The game begins by setting a stake.
  • The player then rolls 2 six-sided dice.
  • If the the total is 7 or 11 then the player wins.
  • If the total is 2 (snake eyes) then the player loses.
  • Any other total becomes the player's new target.
  • The dice are rolled again until either:
    • The target total is matched, and the player wins
    • Or a 2 or 7 are rolled, and the player loses
  • Play can be ended after any round.
  • Play can continue until either party is out of money, or the player's opponent goes hostile due to excessive losing.


  • This is independent of another gambling game called the Game of Wits