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A wise man makes his own luck, and with a bit of Skill one can win consistently at cards, dice and other games of chance. This Skill may come in handy when a Character wishes to gamble for certain items held by a Non-Playing Character. The rank of the Gambling Skill determines the maximum worth of any single item for which one may gamble. Gambling for a merchant's items is done by opening the barter screen, then dragging the item one wishes to gamble for over the button with the symbol of dice on the right side of the screen.

  • Gambling Apprentice a "mark" will gamble for more expensive items
    • Trained by Langley, Tarant (Bridesdale Inn)
  • Gambling Expert a "mark" will gamble away wielded items
    • Trainer: Bartenders
  • Gambling Master a "mark" will gamble away things that he or she would not normally sell
    • Master: Gurin Rockharrow at the "Gentleman's Club" in Tarant
    • To become a Gambling Master, the player character needs to play dice with Gurin Rockharrow until he resigns. He will play for 1,000 or 2,000 coins per game, and will offer a "Gentleman's Agreement" to the PC if they run low on coins. If this agreement is accepted, the PC receives 5,000 gold, and is in debt for that same amount to Gurin. While in debt, a reputation imposes a penalty upon the PC's reaction modifier. If the PC tells Gurin they will not repay the debt, they will receive a different reputation with a more severe reaction modifier penalty.
    • It seems that there are some major issues with the Gambling mastery "quest". To be certain, the player should save and try to get Gurin to resign during their first dice "session", as it seems that their progress is not saved between sessions. Here are some of the observable issues:
      • As with other characters who play dice, the coins in Gurin's inventory do not decrease when he loses, and are instead "spawned in", but any coins he wins are indeed placed in his inventory. Taking all of his gold away before playing dice with him does not seem to have any effect.
      • The first dialogue check of the player's skill checks if their Gambling skill is 20 (5 CP worth assuming no modifiers), but a different skill check is lower. It is thus possible to attain mastery with 19, 18, or perhaps less points in Gambling. Click here to view Gurin's dialogue file for research.
      • As mentioned above, progress does not seem to be saved between sessions.
      • The exact number of wins or losses the player needs to get before Gurin resigns appears to be inconsistent. The Prima's Official Strategy Guide for Arcanum states that the solution for this mastery quest is to gamble with Gurin until the PC loses enough money, but this is not logically sound.
    • [dubious info, based on UAP?] The way to be named a gambling master is quite simple, you have to gamble all the gold (5,000) from Gurin's pockets.


  • Gambling for Captain Teach's boat, the Gypsy Shadow, in Black Root. Killian Drake will require a starting bet of 50,000 coins, but the game is a guaranteed win on the player character's side, i.e. the boat is acquired for free.


  • Fated Rings ga++
  • Lucky Medallion ga++

Game of Dice[]

The Living One can play a game of dice with characters across Arcanum. The premise of the game is simple: roll some dice, gamble for some money. The outcome of the game is influenced by the player character's Gambling skill.

Dock workers are more than happy to explain the rules to a potential player and will play until their pockets are empty, assuming that they like their opponent (reaction must be at least Neutral). Each time the player character loses, their opponent's reaction increases by 1. Each time the player character wins, their opponent's reaction drops by 4. The opponent will no longer play with the PC once their reaction drops to a certain point. It should also be noted that any money the PC loses is put into the opponent NPC's inventory, but any money the PC wins "comes from nothing", i.e. the money in the opponent NPC's inventory is not reduced.

Before a game of dice can begin, stakes must be set. Dock workers will play for 25 or 50 gold. The game is played with two dice which are rolled indefinitely until the PC either gets the roll they first had (also known as a mark), or rolls a two or a seven (and therefore loses). If the PC rolls a two as their mark, they lose immediately. On the other hand, if their mark is seven or eleven, they win immediately.

Below is an example case of how a game of dice can play out.

  1. PC sets a stake of 25 coins.
  2. PC rolls an eight as their mark.
  3. PC rolls four on one dice and one on the other — in total a five.
  4. PC rolls seven on one dice and two on the other — in total a nine.
  5. PC rolls four on one dice and four on the other — in total an eight. The PC has therefore rolled their mark and has won 25 coins.

Here is another example.

  1. PC sets a stake of 50 coins.
  2. PC rolls a twelve as their mark.
  3. PC rolls one on the first dice and six on the second — in total a seven. A seven is a losing roll, unless it is rolled as a mark. The PC has lost 50 coins.