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The Game of Wits is a trivia game played in the many pubs of Arcanum.

Bar patrons and maidens will first ask you if you wish to play. The bets are 500 gold. If you answer their question correctly, they will give you double the gold you invested. It may be a good way to earn some starting money if you already have the needed amount to play.

Questions & Answers[]

According to John Beddoes, all elves and orcs descend from humans through a process called... Supernatural selection.
The IFS Zephyr was... A blimp.
In the war with Black Root, the Cumbrian dragonships used a magickal weapon called... Cumbrian Fire.
The Ring of Brodgar is located near what town? Roseborough.
How many Technological Disciplines are there? 8.
How many colleges of Magick are there? 16.
How many colleges of Technology are there? None.
How many Magickal Disciplines are there? None.
Who wrote "Forbidden Cities of the North"? Gregor Seamus Darton.
John Beddoes wrote... The Races of Arcanum.
If you were in need of an Orcish Champion, you would call... A Summoner.
The magickal College of Conveyance deals with... The movement of things.
It is rumored that Tulla is located... In the Vendigroth Wastes.
If I was a technologist, and I was going to make the Potion of Persuasion, I would combine a Thermometer and... Dr. Rose's Migraine Cure.
If I was feeling a little under the weather, which Technological Discipline would be most helpful? Herbology.
The Pits are located in... Dernholm.
Elves live about... 1,000 years.
Which race is most influential in industry? Gnomes.
What's the name of the most widely-read newspaper in all of Arcanum? The Tarantian.
What sort of government does Tarant have? An oligarchy.
Who is the King of Caladon? Auguste Farad.
Where are the Vendigroth Wastes? North of Ashbury.
What is Thanatos? An island.
If a man wanted to be a mage, where would he go ? Tulla.
What's the name of the Train Station in Tarant? Vermillion Station.
What's the name of the bridge leading into Tarant? The Garillon Bridge.
Which of these is NOT a Technological Discipline? Biology.
Which race makes the best technologists? Dwarves.
In Tarant, orcs and half-orcs live in... The Boil.
What does Cedric Appleby do? He makes steam engines.
What town in Arcanum is best known for making swords? Stillwater.
What clan does the King of the Dwarves belong to? The Wheel Clan.
A mage would be most unwelcome in... A train station.
Isle of Despair is a... Penal colony.
The Panarii religion is based on the teachings of... Nasrudin.
What is the ancestral home of the elves? Qintarra.
In the Glimmering forests, there are small creatures called "Si'im tala" in the elven tongue. How is this translated? Love-lights.
Tarant and Ashbury are members of what? The Unified Kingdom.
What is Stillwater most famous for? The Stillwater Giant.
Which river is Tarant built upon? The Hadrian.
Where is H.T. Parnell's Emporium of Wonders? Tarant.
Who is the King of Cumbria? Praetor the First.
Where is the first Panarii temple located? In Caladon.
In the Glimmering Forest, what do Death-o-Lanterns feed on? Will-of-the-wisps.
What is the capital of Cumbria? Dernholm.
In large cities, what are half-ogres often used for? Bodyguards.
Caladon is to Arland as Dernholm is to... Cumbria.
What happened to the Morbihan Forest? Tarantian lumbers cut it down.
Who would be least welcome in Tulla? Dwarven Technologist.
Who is the Master Mage in Tulla? Simeon Tor.
The Dragon Knights hail from... Cumbria.

Mastering the Game of Wits[]

According to the game's dialogue files, it is possible to "master" the Game of Wits, most likely by answering all the possible questions correctly. Troika apparently intended to reward the first 100 "masters" with a t-shirt of some sort.

{520}{Congratulations! You have mastered the Game of Wit.}{Congratulations! You have mastered the Game of Wit.}{}{}{}{lf 17 1}

{521}{Wow do what do I do now.}{}{1}{gf 1104 0}{525}{}

{522}{Wow do what do I do now.}{}{1}{gf 1104 1}{528}{}

{525}{Send an electronic message to, the first 100 winners get a T-Shirt.}{Send an electronic message to, the first 100 winners get a T-Shirt.}{}{}{}{lf 17 1}

{526}{Let me see this message again because I won't get a second Chance.}{}{1}{}{525}{}

{527}{I have recorded this message and want to play the game some more.}{}{1}{}{-14}{}

{528}{Find something else to do for fun. Like a nice game of dice...}{Find something else to do for fun. Like a nice game of dice...}{}{}{}{lf 17 1}



Playing the Game of Wits in a pub in Stillwater.