Gamedes.mes is the file which holds the names for all unique NPCs, items and description names in the game, among other references.

// Known or Unknown Descriptions

{30001}{King Praetor}
{30002}{Mayor Of Black Root}
{30003}{D'ak Taan}
{30004}{Tugal The Hedgewizard}
{30008}{Praetor's Guard}
{30010}{D'ak Taan's Henchman}
{30011}{Prince Auguste Farad}
{30012}{King Farad}
{30013}{Tugal's Statue}
{30014}{Grunwalde's Poison}
{30015}{Black Root's Taxes}
{30016}{Princess Aria's Amulet}
{30017}{Music Box}
{30020}{Poisoned Sword}
{30021}{Gladys' Ring}
{30022}{Sword of Baltar}
{30024}{General Store and Magicks}
{30025}{General Goods}
{30026}{Doctor's Office}
{30028}{Gormek's Ring of Invisibilty}
{30029}{Princess Aria}
{30031}{Theodore's Improved Leather Armour}
{30033}{Old Sprocket}
{30034}{The Journal of Gilbert Bates}
{30035}{Thorvald Two Stones}
{30037}{Gilbert Bates}
{30039}{Constable Owens}
{30041}{Winston Schuyler}
{30042}{Niles Schuyler}
{30043}{Edward Schuyler}
{30044}{Pelonious Schuyler}
{30046}{Captain Edward Teach}
{30047}{"The Hand" by Frederick Von Hapsgood"}
{30048}{Randver Thunder Stone}
{30049}{Loghaire Thunder Stone}
{30051}{The Silver Lady}
{30053}{William Bench}
{30056}{Bingham's Shovel}
{30057}{Bingham Shulefest}
{30058}{"T'sen-Ang: Horror Among the Dark Elves"}
{30059}{"The Curse of T'sen-Ang"}
{30060}{Alexander the Acolyte}
{30070}{Gunther Willhelm}
{30071}{Hadrian the Archaeologist}
{30072}{Skull from the Tomb of Nasrudin}
{30073}{Map to Stringy Pete's Cove}
{30074}{Salty Seadrick}
{30075}{Sword of Mannox}
{30078}{"How to be a Dwarf"}
{30079}{James Kingsford}
{30080}{Purchase order for Signet Ring}
{30081}{Cedric Appleby}
{30082}{Signet Ring}
{30083}{Capt. of Bates' Guard}
{30084}{Prototype Steam Engine}
{30085}{Amulet of the Molochean Hand}
{30086}{Fake Stillwater Giant pelt}
{30087}{Real Stillwater Giant pelt}
{30088}{Stillwater Giant scent}
{30089}{Vendigroth Device}
{30090}{H.T. Parnell}
{30091}{Stanley Xavier Hippington}
{30094}{Dark Elf Guard}
{30095}{Gudmund Ore Bender}
{30096}{Lillian Misk}
{30097}{Servant's clothes}
{30099}{Ogdin Big Fist}
{30100}{M'in Gorad}
{30101}{K'an Hua}
{30102}{"How Nasrudin Defeated the Nefarious Arronax! and Other Stories"}
{30103}{Statue of Saint Mannox}
{30104}{The Finger of Mannox}
{30105}{Preston Radcliffe}
{30106}{Weldo Rubin}
{30107}{Milly Fender}
{30108}{Grampy Fender}
{30109}{Stringy Pete}
{30112}{The Bane of Kree}
{30114}{Meat Shank}
{30116}{Bessie Toone's Boot}
{30117}{Jongle Dunne}
{30118}{Gurloes' Metalworkings}
{30119}{Shrouded Hills Inn}
{30120}{Shrouded Hills City Hall}
{30121}{Ristezze Imported Goods}
{30122}{Jongle's Enchantments}
{30123}{General Practitioner}
{30124}{General Store}
{30125}{Lloyd Gurloes}
{30126}{Strange blue rabbit}
{30127}{Pillar of Truth}
{30128}{Vendigroth Journal}
{30129}{A freshly filled grave}
{30130}{30130 - 30181 Available because Chad's a dufus.}
{30182}{Geoffrey Tarellond-Ashe}
{30183}{Cynthia Boggs}
{30190}{Staff of Xoranth}
{30193}{Kan Kerai}
{30194}{Robert Milton}
{30198}{Caleb Malloy}
{30199}{Case of ale}
{30200}{Case of whiskey}
{30201}{Vermillion Station}
{30202}{Castleton's General Store}
{30203}{Vorman Fine Clothes & Tailor}
{30204}{Tor Lodestone's}
{30205}{Monroe's Weapons of Technology}
{30206}{Wallow's Quality Armour}
{30207}{Barach's Magerium}
{30208}{Xe'rad's Magick Armoury}
{30209}{Zeramin's House of Darke Magick}
{30210}{P. Schuyler & Sons}
{30211}{Delores Beston, Seer of the Unnatural}
{30212}{Madame Toussaude's House of Secrets}
{30213}{H.T. Parnell's}
{30214}{The Wellington Gentlemen's Club}
{30215}{Grant's Tavern}
{30216}{Caleb Malloy's Pub}
{30217}{The Bridesdale Inn}
{30218}{Poone's Flophouse}
{30220}{Malek Nebbs}
{30224}{Damian Maug}
{30225}{Miranda Tears}
{30227}{Vegard MoltenFlow}
{30228}{Thrayne Iron Heart}
{30229}{Erland Iron Heart}
{30230}{Richard Leeks}
{30231}{Erick Obsidian}
{30232}{Drog Black Tooth}
{30233}{Statue of the goddess Geshtianna}
{30235}{Edward Willoughsby}
{30236}{Perriman Smythe}
{30238}{Chief Inspector Henderson}
{30240}{Professor Eakins}
{30242}{Heinrich Jenks}
{30247}{Mellin Bungerton}
{30248}{Joachim's note to Virgil}
{30249}{Steamrail Station A: West Garillon Bridge}
{30250}{Steamrail Station B: Vermillion Station}
{30251}{Steamrail Station C: Tarant University}
{30252}{Steamrail Station D: Warehouse District}
{30253}{Steamrail Station E: Commercial District}
{30254}{Steamrail Station F: Tarantian Docks}
{30255}{Steamrail Station G: Kensington Park}
{30256}{Exit only: NO RETURN SERVICE}
{30257}{Exit Only}
{30258}{Steamrail Attendant}
{30259}{Special Invitation to the Wellington Gentlemen's Club}
{30260}{Telegraph Operator}
{30261}{Dept. of Water Clerk}
{30262}{Vine Rope}
{30263}{Sogg Mead Mug}
{30264}{Dwarven Undead}
{30265}{Norian's Potato Moonshine}
{30266}{Tollo Underhill}
{30267}{Z'an Al'urin}
{30270}{Torian Kel}
{30271}{Franklin Payne}
{30272}{William Radcliffe}
{30273}{Lawrence Brummond: Died 1885}
{30274}{Theo Brightstart}
{30275}{Adam Maxwell}
{30276}{Daniel Hallaway}
{30277}{Garret Almstead}
{30278}{Gurin Rockharrow}
{30279}{Sammie White}
{30280}{J.M. Morat}
{30283}{- University Court -}
{30285}{"Kerghan and Persephone"}
{30286}{yourself (self-inflicted)} // description used by ego page
{30287}{another Player} // description used by ego page
{30288}{Wolf Cub}
{30289}{Cassandra Pettibone}
{30290}{Sir Matt de Cesare}
{30291}{Thom Grak}
{30292}{Mr. Plough}
{30294}{Merwin Tumblebrook}
{30295}{Godfrey Castleburger}
{30296}{Horace McGinley}
{30297}{Muck Evil Eye}
{30298}{D'ren Le'lor}
{30299}{Solomon Doone}
{30300}{Merik Luggerton}
{30301}{Lugard Bloodstone}
{30302}{Victoria Warrington}
{30304}{Bel'an T'Seraa}
{30305}{Clarisse Vorak}
{30306}{Ker'ee Melange}
{30307}{Wilhemina Carpenter}
{30308}{Isaac Zapruder}
{30309}{Madam Lil}
{30317}{Mrs. Regina Halster}
{30318}{Mr. Franklin}
{30319}{Mr. Franklin's Butler}
{30320}{Mr. Langley}
{30321}{- 87 Kensington Broadway -}
{30322}{- 85 Kensington Broadway * Thurston's Fashion Palace -}
{30323}{- 81 Kensington Broadway -}
{30324}{- 79 Kensington Broadway * Tarant Telegraph -}
{30325}{- 77 Kensington Broadway * Anna's Herbals -}
{30326}{- 17 Kensington Broadway * H.T. Parnell's -}
{30327}{- 15 Kensington Broadway -}
{30328}{- 3 Lungsten Road * The Pettibone Residence -}
{30329}{- 19 Pickwick Alley * The Willoughsby Residence -}
{30330}{- 37 Devonshire Way * The Garringsburg Residence -}
{30331}{- 46 Devonshire Way * The Mooreland Residence -}
{30332}{- 48 Devonshire Way * The Halster Residence -}
{30333}{- 44 Devonshire Way P. Schuyler & Sons -}
{30334}{- 64 Grimson Way * The Franklin Residence -}
{30335}{- 63 Grimson Way -}
{30336}{- 67 Grimson Way * Smythe's Gun Shop -}
{30337}{- 73 Vermillion Road * The Bridesdale Inn -}
{30338}{- 50 Vermillion Road * Vermillion Station -}
{30339}{- 44 Polton Cross * Tarantian Editorial Office -}
{30340}{- 42 Polton Cross * Delores Beston, Seer of the Unnatural -}
{30341}{- 40 Polton Cross -}
{30342}{- 23 Desaille Terrace -}
{30343}{- 18 Desaille Terrace -}
{30344}{- 13 Torry Road -}
{30345}{- 93 East End Avenue * The Zoological Society -}
{30346}{- 15 University Court Library OF Tarant -}
{30347}{- 20 University Court -}
{30348}{- 24 University Court -}
{30349}{- City Hall, Dept of Water, Hall of Records -}
{30350}{- Bates Estate -}
{30351}{- 15 Ten Hands Alley -}
{30352}{- 18 Ten Hands Alley -}
{30353}{- 32 Mulligan Bone Alley -}
{30354}{- 46 Mulligan Bone Alley -}
{30355}{- 57 Mulligan Bone Alley -}
{30356}{- 12 East End Avenue -}
{30357}{- 7 Lion's Head Circle * Panarii Temple -}
{30358}{- 19 Lion's Head Circle * The Tarantian Water and Power Plant -}
{30359}{- 25 Lion's Head Circle * Stanton Importers -}
{30360}{- 29 Low Dervish Row * Appleby Residence -}
{30361}{- 13 Low Dervish Row * Poone's Flophouse -}
{30362}{- 11 Low Dervish Row -}
{30363}{- 77 Devonshire Way * Madam Toussaude's House of Secrets -}
{30364}{- Madam Lil's -}
{30365}{Heron Device}
{30366}{Mr. Fitzgerald's Potion of Dark Power}
{30367}{Will-o-the-Wisp Essence}
{30368}{Schreck's Multi-Barreled Pistol}
{30369}{Lethe Wyvern Venom}
{30370}{Napha Water}
{30371}{Flawless Dwarven Rubies}
{30372}{Lucky Medallion}
{30373}{Madam Lil's Music Box}
{30374}{Cassie's Jewelry}
{30375}{Sword of the Derian Ka}
{30376}{Sunken Treasure}
{30377}{Ring of Virility}
{30378}{Enchanted Looking Glass}
{30379}{Jewel of Hebe}
{30380}{Bridge Materials}
{30381}{Shrouded Hills Steam Engine}
{30382}{Ryan Sanders}
{30383}{Jonathan Sanders}
{30384}{Zaugg Kneecrush}
{30385}{Leach Meanface}
{30386}{Lug Treebreak}
{30387}{Tor Bighand}
{30388}{Flog Thornsmash}
{30389}{Spoiled rich kid}
{30390}{Kindly looking older gentleman}
{30392}{Beautiful human female}
{30394}{Half Orc female dominatrix}
{30395}{Voluptuous human female}
{30396}{Coquettish half elf female}
{30397}{Young, inexperienced woman}
{30398}{Pinched face older woman}
{30399}{Overweight, homely gentleman}
{30400}{Thad Willpound}
{30401}{Mr. Franklin's butler}
{30403}{Halfling farmer}
{30404}{Shady looking human}
{30407}{Well dressed gentleman}
{30408}{D.K. Presscott}
{30409}{Irate gnome gentleman}
{30410}{Worthless Mutt}
{30412}{Debonair gentleman}
{30413}{Mrs. Lydia Cameron}
{30414}{Older human female}
{30415}{Body of Liam Cameron}
{30416}{Dock Worker}
{30417}{Factory Worker}
{30418}{Factory Foreman}
{30419}{Ship Captain}
{30421}{Train Conductor}
{30422}{Train Ticket Agent}
{30423}{Trevor Lynwood}
{30424}{Young, distraught human}
{30425}{Daniel McPherson}
{30426}{Frazzled looking human male}
{30427}{Clarissa Shalmo}
{30428}{Beautiful Warrior Woman}
{30429}{Frederick T. Fitzgerald}
{30430}{Haughty city-bred gentleman}
{30431}{K'an T'au}
{30432}{Gildor Nightwalk}
{30433}{Aging halfling gentleman}
{30434}{Sir Garrick Stout}
{30435}{Captain of the Guard}
{30436}{Lady Druella}
{30437}{Stunningly beautiful waif}
{30438}{Adkin Chambers}
{30439}{Disfigured blind hermit - eyes cut out}
{30440}{J.T. Morgan}
{30441}{Beaten-down prisoner}
{30442}{Mrs. R.L. Morgan}
{30443}{Middle-aged woman}
{30445}{Seemingly innocent elven female}
{30446}{William Thorndop}
{30447}{Maimed human monk}
{30448}{Mr. Fildor Rolland}
{30449}{Halfling peasant}
{30450}{Mrs. Fallow Rolland}
{30451}{Edward Willenbecker}
{30453}{Member of the Willenbecker Gang}
{30454}{Albert Leek}
{30455}{Pub patron}
{30456}{Hall of Records Clerk}
{30458}{Mr. Victor Wright}
{30459}{Well-to-do business man}
{30460}{Divinations and Magicks for the Adept Wizard}
{30461}{Necklace of Queen K'na S'ea}
{30462}{Liam Cameron's Journal}
{30463}{Thieves Underground Package}
{30464}{Trevor Lynwood's Camera}
{30465}{Mithral knife of G'har}
{30466}{Staff of K'an T'au}
{30467}{S'nel N'fa}
{30468}{Tannon Wroughtbringer's Journal}
{30469}{Great Ruby of K'alru}
{30470}{Ring of Concealment}
{30471}{Potion to Heal the Blind}
{30472}{J.T. Morgan's Master Locksmith Tools}
{30473}{Ring of Silence}
{30474}{Amulet of K'an-el}
{30475}{The Haggle Master's Ring}
{30476}{Firearm Master's Rifle}
{30477}{Note from Willenbecker Gang}
{30478}{Note from Lady Druella}
{30479}{Prowling Master Note 1}
{30480}{Prowling Master Note 2}
{30481}{Prowling Master Note 3}
{30482}{The Mushroom Inn}
{30483}{The Sobbing Onion}
{30484}{Daniel Hallaway's Strongbox}
{30485}{The Bleeding Rose Inn}
{30486}{Thieves underground Bag of Jewels}
{30487}{Cassie's Necklace}
{30488}{Gift for Mrs. Regina Halster}
{30489}{Note for Mrs. Regina Halster}
{30490}{L.N. Renford}
{30491}{Tarry Thornpick}
{30492}{Leanore's Legume of Life and Longevity}
{30493}{Magick Bean}
{30494}{Irate old man}
{30495}{Cranky old man}
{30496}{David Wit}
{30497}{Middle aged farmer}
{30498}{Cynthia Wit}
{30499}{Pretty farm girl}
{30500}{Lycanthrope Restorative}
{30501}{Winno Whitewash}
{30503}{Maug Maulman}
{30504}{Lug Lefthook}
{30505}{Thrall Tornhand}
{30506}{Half Ogre Prisoner}
{30507}{Obnoxious Elf}
{30508}{T'val N'or}
{30509}{Powerful Dark Elf Mage}
{30510}{Jason C. Guy}
{30511}{Scholarly Gentleman}
{30512}{Key to Bates' Factory}
{30513}{Map of Tarantian Sewers}
{30514}{Nicholas Longfoot}
{30515}{Madam's Bartender/Bouncer}
{30517}{Tough Looking, Shady Character}
{30518}{Mr. Black}
{30519}{Mr. Razzia}
{30521}{Vendigroth Journal}
{30522}{Matchbook from The Roseborough Inn}
{30523}{Simeon Tor}
{30525}{V'ed Eckes}
{30526}{Arthur Tyron}
{30527}{Sam Longwell}
{30528}{James Legget}
{30530}{Panarii Acolyte}
{30531}{Mr. Babcock}
{30532}{Captain Wheeler}
{30533}{Donn Throgg}
{30534}{Wooden Crate}
{30535}{Elder Joachim}
{30536}{Bedokaan Warrior}
{30537}{Bedokaan Guard}
{30538}{Bedokaan Villager}
{30539}{Temple Door}
{30540}{Department of Transportation Rep.}
{30541}{Magick Consortium Rep.}
{30542}{Committee of Technologial Research Rep.}
{30543}{Caladonian Military Rep.}
{30544}{Department of the Treasury Rep.}
{30545}{Caladonian Mint Rep.}
{30546}{Department of Trade and Export Rep.}
{30547}{Department of Labor Rep.}
{30548}{Caladonian Parliament Rep.}
{30549}{Department of Agriculture Rep.}
{30550}{Advisory Board Member}
{30551}{Advisory Board Chairman}
{30552}{Master Mage}
{30553}{Ve'Tura, Conveyance Master}
{30554}{Wel'K'ene, Air Master}
{30555}{Addo Terrin, Earth Master}
{30556}{Naph'Tha, Fire Master}
{30557}{Rys'Ard, Force Master}
{30558}{Edgar Jerryl, Mental Master}
{30559}{Liam Raymond, Meta Master}
{30560}{S'Btin'ka, Morph Master}
{30561}{Ferko Lydell, Nature Master}
{30562}{D'ary, Necromantic Black Master}
{30563}{Bilko Gavin, Necromantic White Master}
{30564}{Daemon Gardi, Phantasm Master}
{30565}{Harold Sumner, Summoning Master}
{30566}{S'yala, Temporal Master}
{30567}{Mastery Medallion of Conveyance}
{30568}{Mastery Medallion of Divination}
{30569}{Mastery Medallion of Air}
{30570}{Mastery Medallion of Earth}
{30571}{Mastery Medallion of Fire}
{30572}{Mastery Medallion of Water}
{30573}{Mastery Medallion of Force}
{30574}{Mastery Medallion of Mental}
{30575}{Mastery Medallion of Meta}
{30576}{Mastery Medallion of Morph}
{30577}{Mastery Medallion of Nature}
{30578}{Mastery Medallion of Necromantic Black}
{30579}{Mastery Medallion of Necromantic White}
{30580}{Mastery Medallion of Phantasm}
{30581}{Mastery Medallion of Summoning}
{30582}{Mastery Medallion of Temporal}
{30583}{Key to the kitchens in Castle Caladon}
{30584}{Key to the Throne Room in Castle Caladon}
{30585}{Elven Trader}
{30586}{General Store Clerk}
{30587}{Gun Smith}
{30589}{Junk Dealer}
{30590}{Magick Shop Clerk}
{30591}{Dwarven Smith}
{30592}{Magickal Smith}
{30593}{Quality Blacksmith}
{30598}{Geoffrey's Gears and Gadgetry}
{30599}{Key to the bridge in Shrouded Hills}
{30600}{Key to the library in P. Schuyler & Sons}
{30601}{- 17 Quilton Bend -}
{30602}{- 36 Low Dervish Row -}
{30603}{- 19 Quilton Bend -}
{30604}{Mine Cart}
{30605}{Control Box}
{30606}{Sewer Grate}
{30607}{Wise Woman}
{30608}{Magick Shoppe}
{30609}{White Magick Shoppe}
{30610}{Black Magick Shoppe}
{30611}{Smythe's Gun Shoppe}
{30612}{Quality Arms}
{30613}{Professor James}
{30614}{Medallion of Silence}
{30615}{Ancient Elven Bow}
{30618}{Hieronymous Maxim}
{30619}{Ristezze's Map}
{30621}{- 77 Vermillion Road * The Wellington -}
{30622}{Wilhemina's note to Jared}
{30623}{Farm Cart}
{30624}{Wild Pig}
{30625}{Roan's Almanac of All Things Dwarven}
{30626}{The Thirsty Soul}
{30627}{Jameson's Imported Wares}
{30628}{Dolan's General Store}
{30629}{Charles Dolan}
{30630}{Package for Jongle Dunne}
{30631}{Key to Mr. Plough's warehouse}
{30632}{Edwin Wallows}
{30633}{Kietzel Pierce}
{30635}{Display Case}
{30636}{Gem of Malachi Rench}
{30637}{Shrouded Hills Bank Key}
{30638}{Killian Drake}
{30639}{- TWO -}
{30640}{- THREE -}
{30641}{- FOUR -}
{30642}{Tarant Officer}
{30643}{Elite Bow Guard}
{30644}{Elite Bow Captain}
{30645}{Elite Guard}
{30646}{Package for Mrs. Morgan}
{30647}{Tarant Postal Bag}
{30648}{Ryan Marshall - Criminal Record}
{30649}{Police File}
{30650}{High Security Prison of Caladon}
{30651}{Mature Gnome City Dweller}
{30652}{Elderly Halfling City Dweller}
{30654}{Hollow Stump}
{30655}{Recent Technological Marvels}
{30656}{Arms & Armours through the Ages}
{30657}{Historical Magicks of Caladon}
{30658}{Bates Factory Guard}
{30659}{Tarant Elite Guard}
{30661}{Mother Tilley}
{30662}{Poone's Flophouse}
{30665}{Dwarven Royal Guard}
{30666}{Olive Tree}
{30667}{Metal Portal}
{30668}{Malloy's Peacemaker}
{30669}{Wesley the Butler}
{30670}{Brinda the Maid}
{30671}{Kendrick Wales}
{30673}{Ryan Sander's Timepiece}
{30674}{Dr. Tristan Fenwick}
{30677}{- ONE -}
{30679}{Staff of Restoration}
{30680}{Caladon Crusading Chain}
{30681}{Great Aunt Ester's Amulet}
{30682}{Trapmaker Spectacles}
{30683}{Plastic Couch}
{30684}{Ristezze's Key}
{30685}{Lloyd's Key}
{30686}{H.T. Parnell's Key}
{30688}{Unidentified Dagger}
{30689}{Unidentified Sword}
{30690}{Unidentified Mace}
{30691}{Unidentified Hammer}
{30692}{Unidentified Staff}
{30693}{Unidentified Bow}
{30694}{Unidentified Boomerang}
{30695}{Unidentified Weapon}
{30696}{Unidentified Armour}
{30697}{Unidentified Suit}
{30698}{Unidentified Dress}
{30699}{Unidentified Rags}
{30701}{Unidentified Clothing}
{30702}{Unidentified Helm}
{30703}{Unidentified Hat}
{30704}{Unidentified Gauntlets}
{30705}{Unidentified Gloves}
{30706}{Unidentified Ring}
{30707}{Unidentified Amulet}
{30708}{Unidentified Medallion}
{30709}{Unidentified Necklace}
{30700}{Unidentified Shoes}
{30711}{Unidentified Boots}
{30712}{Unidentified Shield}
{30713}{Unidentified Buckler}
{30714}{Unidentified Item}
{30715}{Dept. of Water & Power Key}
{30716}{Unidentified Axe}
{30717}{Unidentified Robes}
{30718}{Magick Shoppe Key}
{30719}{Fool's Dagger}
{30720}{Lingering Sword}
{30721}{Hammer of Impotence}
{30722}{Hexed Dagger}
{30723}{Stillwater Guard}
{30724}{Marley's key}
{30725}{Thorvald's key}
{30728}{Thorvald's Map}
{30729}{Prowling Master Note 1}
{30730}{Prowling Master Note 2}
{30731}{Prowling Master Note 3}
{30732}{Dock Barracks Key - Blackroot}
{30733}{The Sour Barnacle}
{30734}{Shadow Hand Dagger}
{30735}{Life Stealer Dagger}
{30736}{Evil's Whisper Dagger}
{30737}{Knife of Foul Creeper}
{30738}{Lorek's Baneful Blade}
{30739}{Sword of Bangelian Scourge}
{30740}{Blade of Unholy Fire}
{30741}{Black Stone Blade}
{30742}{Flow Reaper's Sword}
{30743}{Sword of Pestilence}
{30744}{Axe of Wrathful Judgment}
{30745}{Axe of Dark Lightning}
{30746}{Axe of Lost Time}
{30747}{Sorian's Roll}
{30748}{Axe of Creeping Death}
{30749}{Kurin's Death Knell}
{30750}{Mace of Betrayal}
{30751}{Star of Soul Bonding}
{30752}{The Malefic Club}
{30753}{Mace of the Damned}
{30754}{Sword of Seething Weakness}
{30755}{Blade of Vicious Haste}
{30756}{Sword of Evil Infuriate}
{30757}{Blade of Malevolent Storm}
{30758}{Blood Lusted Bow}
{30759}{Hurtful Long Bow}
{30760}{Broloch's Choice Bow}
{30761}{Bow of the Chill Reaper}
{30762}{Bow of Derzin's Blindness}
{30763}{Grack's Burdensome Staff}
{30764}{Hexed Berserker's Staff}
{30765}{Dark Wizard's Staff}
{30766}{Staff of Wicked Force}
{30767}{Staff of Hypocrisy}
{30768}{Hexed Leather Armour}
{30769}{Diseased Leather Armour}
{30770}{Evil's Burn Leather Armour}
{30771}{Mezok's Langouring Leather Armour}
{30772}{Torag's Price Leather Armour}
{30773}{Drying Herbs}
{30774}{Antique Strongbox}
{30775}{Garret Almstead's Trunk Key}
{30776}{Mysterious Dwarven Gauntlets}
{30777}{Half Ogre Laboratory Journal}
{30779}{Old Mary}
{30780}{Temporal Crusher}
{30782}{Golden Idol of Kree}
{30783}{Ancient Pocket Watch}
{30784}{Ancient Gears}
{30785}{Ancient Looking Glass}
{30786}{Ancient Filament}
{30788}{Key to M'in Gorad's Chest}
{30789}{Newspaper: Death of Renford A. Terwilliger}
{30790}{Key to the Stonecutter Clan's storeroom}
{30792}{Borrigans Weight Chain Mail}
{30793}{Dark Chain Mail}
{30794}{Zhar's Fear Chain Mail}
{30795}{Chain Mail of Uncertainty}
{30796}{Diseased Chain Mail}
{30797}{Robes of Confusion}
{30798}{Robes of Evil Necromancy}
{30799}{Tempestuous Robes}
{30800}{Dark Robes}
{30801}{Venomous Robes}
{30802}{Chill Plate Mail}
{30803}{Consuming Plate Mail}
{30804}{Plate Mail of Uncertainty}
{30805}{Plate Mail of Dark Power}
{30806}{Hexed Barbarian Armour}
{30807}{Hero's Weakness Barbarian Armour}
{30808}{Dark Winds Barbarian Armour}
{30809}{Evil's Resonance Barbarian Armour}
{30810}{Time Ravaged Barbarian Armour}
{30811}{Hexed Shield}
{30812}{Venomous Shield}
{30813}{Shield of Anger}
{30814}{Shield of Uncertainty}
{30815}{Chill Shield}
{30816}{Helm of Madness}
{30817}{Helmet of Yzar's Cost}
{30818}{Nature's Wrath Helm}
{30819}{Helm of Stolen Life}
{30820}{Helm of Dark Power}
{30821}{Hexed Gauntlets}
{30822}{Gauntlets of Tumultuous Power}
{30823}{Baneful Gauntlets}
{30824}{Tainted Gauntlets}
{30825}{Gauntlets of Betrayal}
{30826}{Hexed Boots}
{30827}{Shackled Boots}
{30828}{Tainted Boots}
{30829}{Boots of Seering Pain}
{30830}{Boots of the Dark Toll}
{30831}{Ring of Dark Magicks}
{30832}{Ring of Shadows}
{30833}{Ring of Unholy Fire}
{30834}{Hexed Ring of Protection}
{30835}{Ring of Violent Force}
{30836}{Medallion of Dark Magicks}
{30837}{Hellfire Medallion}
{30838}{Hexed Medallion}
{30839}{Medallion of Dark Strength}
{30840}{Frigid Medallion}
{30841}{Poisoned Plate Mail}
{30842}{Blue Rock}
{30843}{Red Rock}
{30844}{Yellow Rock}
{30845}{Green Rock}
{30846}{Magenta Rock}
{30847}{Orange Rock}
{30848}{Lime Rock}
{30849}{Light Blue Rock}
{30850}{Caladon Prison Key}
{30851}{Key to Nasrudin's Tomb}
{30852}{Pit of Lava}
{30853}{Blade of Xerxes}
{30854}{Key to Thorvald's Chest}
{30855}{Sword of Pel Dar}
{30856}{- King's Inn & Pub - }
{30857}{Key to King's Inn & Pub}
{30858}{- Dernholm Sundry & Staple Commodities -}
{30859}{- Rupert's House of Well-Worn Effects -}
{30860}{The Bogaroth}
{30861}{Professor Caldwell's Thanatos Journal}
{30862}{Ashlag Village Journal}
{30864}{Pelojian's Amulet}
{30865}{Raymond Pierce}
{30866}{Raymond's Fine Spectacles}
{30867}{Innkeepers Key, Roseborough Inn}
{30868}{Room Key, Roseborough Inn}
{30869}{Cook, Roseborough Inn}
{30870}{Manservant, Roseborough Inn}
{30871}{Creature Compendium By Sir Maxwell III}
{30872}{Roseborough Gift Shoppe}
{30873}{Journal of Saint Mannox}
{30874}{White Scarf}
{30875}{Cynthia Boggs' Locket}
{30876}{Bowmaster Dungeon Key}
{30877}{Bow of Ecclesiastes}
{30878}{Iron Clan Guardian}
{30879}{Ancient Iron Contaner}
{30880}{Void Ring}
{30881}{The Durin Stone}
{30883}{Mysterious Iron Door}
{30884}{Mysterious Iron Pillar}
{30885}{Gideon Laier}
{30886}{Crumbling Skeleton}
{30887}{Pile of Dust}
{30888}{Priest of the Order of Halcyon}
{30889}{Priestess of the Order of Halcyon}
{30890}{Desecrated Altar}
{30891}{Ancient Iron Device}
{30894}{Fa'al Kin's Ring}
{30895}{Fa'al Kin's Helmet}
{30896}{Fa'al Kin's Amulet}
{30897}{Fa'al Kin's Gauntlets}
{30898}{Fa'al Kin's Boots}
{30899}{Fa'al Kin's Dagger}
{30900}{Fa'al Kin's Coin}
{30901}{Fa'al Kin's Chalice}
{30902}{Mysterious Archway}
{30903}{Herzod Munk}
{30904}{Bessie Toone}
{30905}{Percival Toone}
{30906}{Sarah Toone}
{30908}{Tyron's Note}
{30909}{Dread Crystal Spider}
{30911}{Arvid Millstone}
{30912}{Dwarven Miner}
{30913}{Torian Kel's Ancestral Sword}
{30914}{Tollo's Map of Vendigroth}
{30915}{Cassandra Johanson, Divination Master}
{30916}{Toy Train}
{30917}{Pile of Dirt}
{30918}{Silver Boot Buckles}
{30919}{University Bookseller}
{30924}{Kryggird's Falchion}
{30927}{Tulla Student of Magick}
{30928}{Hell Creeper}
{30929}{Molten Giant}
{30930}{Mayor of Ashbury}
{30931}{Dead Cat}
{30934}{Robbery Heirloom Statue}
{30935}{Captain of the Roseborough Guard}
{30936}{Ring of Poison Resistance}
{30937}{Staff of Conveyance}
{30938}{Staff of Divination}
{30939}{Staff of Air}
{30940}{Staff of Earth}
{30941}{Staff of Fire}
{30942}{Staff of Water}
{30943}{Staff of Force}
{30944}{Staff of Mental}
{30945}{Staff of Meta}
{30946}{Staff of Morph}
{30947}{Staff of Nature}
{30948}{Staff of Evil Necromancy}
{30949}{Staff of Good Necromancy}
{30950}{Staff of Phantasm}
{30951}{Staff of Summoning}
{30952}{Staff of Temporal}
{30953}{Ashbury Guard}
{30954}{Ashbury Guard Captain}
{30955}{Herkemer Oggdoddler}
{30956}{Grizzled War Veteran}
{30957}{Eyes of Sir Garrick Stout}
{30958}{Charles Brehgo}
{30959}{Simon Fahrkus}
{30961}{- 42 Vermillion Road -}
{30963}{Arbalah's Sacred Artifact}
{30964}{Invitation to the Wellington Club}
{30965}{Wendell Wellington}
{30967}{Amulet of N'Tala}
{30968}{Ancient Diagram}
{30969}{"The Pagan Gods of Arcanum"}
{30970}{Aldous T. Buxington}
{30971}{Ancient Iron Chest}
{30973}{Ancient Iron Drum}
{30974}{"The Book of Durin's Truth"}
{30975}{Key to the Misk Display Case}
{30976}{Ancient Schematic}
{30977}{Map to the Place of Voices}
{30978}{Dwarven Foreman}
{30979}{The Roseborough Inn}
{30981}{Charles Dunston}
{30982}{Mystick Menagerie}
{30983}{Enchanted Panoply}
{30984}{Caladon Fyne Armours}
{30985}{Rosemary's Therapeutic Tinctures}
{30986}{The Toadstool}
{30987}{The Meager Draught}
{30988}{Ashbury Hostelry}
{30989}{Peony's Fyne Herbs}
{30990}{Side Arms and Saltpeter}
{30991}{Ashbury Premium Armature}
{30992}{Fenwick's Fine Clothing and Accouterments}
{30993}{The Crooked Staff}
{30994}{Ashbury Sundries}
{30995}{Buckner's Smithy}
{30996}{Seaside Salvage}
{30997}{Captain's Quarters}
{30998}{Theriacal Herbs}
{30999}{Drop yer Anchor}
{31000}{Annabelle's Galley}
{31001}{Deirdre's Charms and Magickal potions}
{31002}{The Dancing Needle}
{31003}{The Stedfast Anvil}
{31004}{The Falling Hammer}
{31005}{Bartholomew's General Goods}
{31012}{Dudley Crosston}
{31013}{Doctor Edmund Craig}
{31014}{Dragon's Turnabout}
{31015}{King's Way}
{31016}{Old King's Way}
{31017}{Shoreline Park}
{31018}{Saints Avenue}
{31019}{Temple Road}
{31020}{Gray Wolf Terrace}
{31021}{Whytechurch Landing}
{31022}{* 1 Old King's Way *}
{31023}{* 3 Old King's Way *}
{31024}{* 15 Old King's Way *}
{31025}{* 25 Old King's Way *}
{31026}{* 23 King's Way *}
{31027}{* 15 King's Way *}
{31028}{* 13 King's Way *}
{31029}{* 8 King's Way *}
{31030}{Entrance to the Wheel Clan}
{31031}{Sarcophagus lid}
{31032}{The Bangellian Scourge}
{31033}{Gorrin the Pit Master}
{31034}{Key To Bates' Mausoleum}
{31036}{Stillwater Giant display case}
{31037}{Lava pit}
{31038}{- Vermillion Road -}
{31039}{- Lungsten Road -}
{31040}{- Pickwick Alley -}
{31041}{- Devonshire Way -}
{31042}{- Grimson Way -}
{31043}{- Dollins Turn -}
{31044}{- Polton Cross -}
{31045}{- Torry Road -}
{31046}{- Desaille Terrace -}
{31047}{- East End Avenue -}
{31048}{- Rue de Avellone -}
{31049}{- Low Dervish Row -}
{31050}{- Quilton Bend -}
{31051}{- Lion's Head Circle -}
{31052}{- Westrel South -}
{31053}{- Mulligan Bone Alley -}
{31054}{- Ten Hands Alley -}
{31055}{- Kensington Broadway -}
{31056}{Madame Toussaude}
{31057}{Delores Beston}
{31058}{Rorry Limes}
{31059}{Benjamin Gershwin}
{31060}{Matthew Jameson}
{31061}{The skulls of the Ren'ar Siamese Twins}
{31062}{The skull of Xin Ren'ar}
{31064}{Evelyn Garringsburg}
{31065}{Doc Roberts}
{31066}{Bank Robber}
{31067}{Bank Teller}
{31068}{Thaddeus Mynor}
{31069}{Jacob Bens}
{31071}{Stringy Pete's Treasure}
{31072}{The Boot Buckles of Jonas Williamson}
{31074}{First Bank of Shrouded Hills}
{31076}{Slim Pickens'}
{31077}{Ol' Bessie}
{31078}{Gurloes Fine Steel Dagger}
{31081}{Jones the Collector}
{31082}{* 11 Whytechurch Landing *}
{31083}{* 9 Gray Wolf Terrace *}
{31084}{* 5 Whytechurch Landing *}
{31085}{* 1 Whytechurch Landing *}
{31086}{* 1 Dragon's Turnabout - Museum of Caladon *}
{31087}{* 21 Dragon's Turnabout *}
{31088}{* 22 Dragon's Turnabout *}
{31089}{* 23 Dragon's Turnabout *}
{31090}{* 24 Dragon's Turnabout *}
{31091}{* 5 Saint's Avenue - Caladon Police Headquarters *}
{31092}{* 7 Saint's Avenue *}
{31093}{* 15 Saint's Avenue *}
{31094}{* Caladon Zoo *}
{31095}{* 25 Dragon's Turnabout *}
{31097}{Ship Builder}
{31098}{Mannox's Stone Vault}
{31099}{Ellumyn's Bow}
{31100}{The Poems of Eiloch}
{31101}{Psychological Treatise on Intolerance}
{31102}{A response to "The Soot of the Gods"}
{31103}{The Journal of Henry Dovern}
{31104}{The Nature of Archaeolgical Practice}
{31105}{The Horrors of Technology}
{31106}{The Orcish Question, Vol. 1}
{31107}{The Orcish Question, Vol. 2}
{31108}{The Life of Ashton Fernwilter}
{31109}{Treatise on the Causes of Disease}
{31110}{Quirren's Poem}
{31111}{Mastery of the Magickal Arts}
{31112}{Treatise on the Nature of Reality}
{31113}{Soot from the Gods}
{31114}{Hunters Hunted}
{31115}{The History and Nature of Magick}
{31117}{Note from Renford to Raven}
{31118}{W. Thomas Moreau}
{31119}{Prison Warden}
{31121}{Ashbury Prison}
{31122}{Guido Lightouch}
{31123}{Jerrold Aymes}
{31124}{The Great Work}
{31125}{Jayna Stiles}
{31126}{Willoughsby's Dossier}
{31127}{Garbonzo the Monkey Trainer}
{31129}{Joe Bob Williamson}
{31130}{Molly Williamson}
{31132}{Trash Can}
{31133}{Mural of Enlightenment}
{31134}{Ring of Influence}
{31135}{Poisoned Plate Mail}
{31136}{Gem of Water Purity}
{31137}{Whysper's Gem}
{31138}{Terms of Agreement}
{31139}{Verses of the Wanderer, Canto 1}
{31140}{Verses of the Wanderer, Canto 2}
{31141}{Verses of the Wanderer, Canto 3}
{31142}{Verses of the Wanderer, Canto 4}
{31143}{Verses of the Wanderer, Canto 5}
{31144}{Pilgrim's Robes}
{31145}{Trellis Way}
{31146}{Harbor View}
{31147}{* 10 Trellis Way *}
{31148}{* 12 Trellis Way *}
{31149}{* 14 Trellis Way *}
{31150}{* 10 Harbor View *}
{31151}{* 12 Harbor View *}
{31152}{* 14 Harbor View *}
{31153}{Glass Key}
{31154}{Bangellian Furnace}
{31155}{Trap Door}
{31156}{The Eye of Kraka-tur}
{31157}{Lemon Tree}
{31158}{Potato Plant}
{31159}{Iron Arachnids}
{31160}{Magnus' Bracelet}
{31161}{Ceremonial Dagger}
{31162}{Key to Daniel McPherson's Basement}
{31163}{Bedokaan Chief}
{31164}{Stairs to Hall of Records}
{31165}{Pirate Skeleton}
{31166}{Mysterious Gem}
{31167}{Worn Large Leather Armor}
{31168}{Ship Wheel}
{31169}{Ancient Iron Drum}
{31170}{Ancient Iron Drum}
{31174}{Iron Clan Armor}
{31175}{Iron Clan Hammer}
{31176}{"History of the Isle of Despair"}
{31177}{"Dread Armor and Its Origins"}
{31178}{Robe of Fire Protection}
{31179}{Exit Portal}
{31180}{Old Blind Master}
{31182}{Crash Site Camera}
{31183}{dead cat}
{31184}{dead wizard}
{31185}{Lloyd' Hammer}
{31186}{Charming Medallion}
{31187}{Witch's Dagger}
{31188}{Sharp Shooter's Pistol}
{31189}{Tempered Sword}
{31190}{Helmet of Strength}
{31191}{Ashen Robes}
{31192}{Blessed Bow}
{31193}{Screaming Scimtar}
{31194}{Negotiator's Ring}
{31195}{Long Range Rifle}
{31196}{Divining Staff}
{31197}{Fleet Boomerang}
{31198}{Shocking Dagger}
{31199}{Bow of Damage}
{31200}{Enchanted Gown}
{31201}{Silent Robes}
{31202}{Dagger of Pain}
{31203}{Almstead's Axe}
{31204}{Suit of Resistance}
{31205}{Finely Honed Dagger}
{31206}{Tempered Shield}
{31207}{Dwarven Hammer}
{31208}{Righteous Staff}
{31209}{Fleet Helm}
{31210}{Dread Dagger}
{31211}{Fawn's Bow}
{31212}{Screaming Shield}

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