Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

Gamekey.mes is the file which is used for naming purposes for all the keys in Arcanum.

// These are the key numbers currently assigned in the game
// and the descriptions of keys with those key numbers.
// You should add a message here if you make a key or a lock,
// so that no one else makes a key using your number
// NOTE: key numbers 0 and 1 are reserved

{0}{no key will open a lock with this number, and keys with it open nothing}
{1}{any key will open locks with this number, and keys with it open any lock}
{2}{Key for Stillwater Giant Case}
{3}{Key to the Shrouded Hills Bridge Gate} // Shrouded Hills Bridge Gate Key, to be placed on Lukan
{4}{Ristezze's File cabinet key}
{5}{Key to the back room of P. Schuyler's}// Tarant, P. Schuyler, James Kingsford's key to the back room
{6}{Key to the Schuyler's File Cabinets}// Tarant, P. Schuyler, Key to File Cabinets
{7}{Bates Mausoleum Key}
{8}{Key to M'in Gorad's chest}// Tsen Ang, Key to Min' Gorads Sweet Chest
{9}{Key to the back room in 57 Mulligan Bone Alley, Tarant}
{10}{Shrouded Hills Bank Key}
{11}{Key to the Gates of the Isle of Despair Encampment}
{12}{Key to Darian Maug's Warehouse}// Tarant--the Boil,
{13}{Key to the Wellington}// Tarant
{14}{Key to Simon Plough's Warehouse}//Tarant
{15}{Key to the Secret Entrance in the Pantry}//Caladon--The Secret Entrance in the Pantry
{16}{Key to Staircase Number 4, Caladon Castle}
{17}{Key to King's Chamber, Caladon Castle}
{18}{Bates' Factory Key}
{19}{Key to the Warehouse of the Small Engine}// thieves underground quest
{20}{Key to the Door to the Kitchens, Castle Caladon}
{21}{Key to the Throne Room, Castle Caladon}
{22}{Key to the Factory Housing the Rebellious Orcs}// Tarant - Orc Uprising Key
{23}{Key to Ristezze's Bedroom}
{24}{Key to Lloyd Gurloes' Bedroom}// Shrouded Hills,
{25}{Willoughsby's House Key}
{26}{Key to Dept. of Water & Power}
{27}{Magick Shoppe Key, Tarant}
{28}{Marley's Key}//Stillwater
{29}{Key to Thorvald's House}//Isle of Despair
{30}{Key to Dockworker's Barracks, Black Root}
{31}{Key to Garret Almstead's Trunk}
{32}{Key to Drog Blacktooth's Cage}
{33}{Key to Ashbury Castle Basement}
{34}{Key to Ashbury Castle Upstairs}
{35}{Caladon Castle's Guards' Key}
{36}{Tulla-Battle-Conveyance Key}
{37}{Caladon High Security Prison Underground Key}
{38}{Key to Nasrudin's Tomb}
{39}{Key to Thorvald's Chest}//IOD
{40}{Innkeeper's Key, Dernholm}
{41}{Roseborough Inn Key}
{42}{Roseborough Inn Room Key}
{43}{Bowmaster Dungeon, Key 1}
{44}{Bowmaster Dungeon, Key 2}
{45}{Dragon Pool Key 1}
{46}{Dragon Pool Key 2}
{47}{Temple of the Derian-Ka, Library Key}
{48}{Temple of the Derian-Ka, Torian Kel Key}
{49}{Vendigroth Key 1}
{50}{Vendigroth Key 2}
{51}{Vendigroth Key 3}
{52}{Vendigroth Key 4}
{53}{Tulla Earth Elemental Key}
{54}{Vegard Moltenflow's Key}
{55}{Tulla-Battle-Mental Key}
{56}{Tulla-Battle-Summoning Key}
{57}{Tulla-Battle-Meta Key}
{58}{Tulla-Battle-Necro Evil Key}
{59}{Tulla-Battle-Necro Evil Key#2}
{61}{Tulla-Battle-Morph Key}
{62}{Key to the Iron Clan Chest}
{63}{Key to the Misk Display Case}
{64}{Key to Bates Mansion Front Gate}
{65}{Erland's Key, Stonecutter Clan}
{66}{Madam Lil's Key}
{67}{Vernon's Key}
{68}{Daniel McPherson's Key to Spot Trap Master Dungeon}