Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

Used for the Ancient Gods altars and the coordinates stone near Roseborough inn.

// This message file contains text to be used in game-supplied placques.
// Only the message line numbers 1000 or higher are valid.
// Format: each line begins with a font number and justification letter,
// followed by the text for that line. Each line becomes a paragraph in
// the book.

// Some font numbers to use:
// 37 Book Type
// 497 Script
// 171 Old English
// 28 Mage Type

// Justification letters (you must use one)
// l = left
// c = center

Offer to him
Who cannot see
Nor hear
Your soul, made of trees.}
Li’tani he seeks
To touch, to burn
For his eyes are dark
And his ears are blunt
And wasted.
Wisdom comes
To the bringer of gifts
And eyes that see far
From he
Who sees nothing.}

Call not to the Snake-fathers
Unless you dream the cold-blood dream
Call only to the Snake Fathers
When you hear their voices of old.
Makaal seeks Heartstone
He runs with you, he hunts with you
Give Makaal his Heartstone
And swift as Makaal you will be.

Do you know of Dwarven Stone?
Is anything so true?
Not words nor ways of magick
Not sun, nor trees, nor sky of blue.
Oh Alberich, great god of Stone
The world lays on your spine
We who live within your heart
Seek now to know your mind.
We bring to you the pitted rocks
That once burned in your veins
And now we ask for Stone and strength
Until the end of days.

Geshtianna, we pray
That you show us your Love
Your face, like the newest moon
Your spirit, as the whitest of doves.
We bring you this gift
The root with your name
For often it is that Love
And Passion are the same.
So bless us now, Oh goddess
With your beauty and your might
So that others might see in us
Your pure and precious light.

Halcyon, great god of truth
Master of the sky
Reveal yourself now to us
Pull the veil from our eyes.
You father, the light
Your mother, the sun
And you, the path of truth
You, the only one.
With this branch of olive
Your endless wisdom I seek
Grant me now your power
Your sight, both long and deep.

Great Torg, mighty Torg
You know our bone and blood
Great Torg, mighty Torg
Your fury like a flood.
Old Torg, Wise Torg
Your children lost their way
Old Torg, Wise Torg
Their hearts, the price is paid.
Great Torg, mighty Torg
I bring you rubies of red
Old Torg, Wise Torg
My heart is yours, until I’m dead.

Bolo, clever thief
Progo, watchful eye
Shadow, now here now gone
Arm, now here now gone
Bolo, face of pain
Progo, face of rage
Soul, now here now gone
Progo, now here now gone
Bolo, god of thieves
One-armed god of thieves
This ring, now here now gone
Your blessing, now here now here

Kerlin, heart of gold
Who sung the world to be
You, great god of all things gold
We turn our eyes to thee.
Within the earth flow rivers
Of your precious words and songs
And now from these we make our coin
For what from you is wrong?
And now we give this coin to you
Let this small Mnura be
A reminder of you, Golden God
Help me know its worth and see.

Great Horned God
Terrible, powerful, Great Horned God
We shake before you, tremble before you
Great Horned God of Pain.
Fearsome Great Shakar
Angry, wrathful, Great Shakar
Handle of bone, blade of steel
Shakar Great God of Rage.
The Great Ram, Shakar
Fierce, awesome, mighty Shakar
Give me your blessing, your war-like ways
The Furious Ram, Shakar.

Flows like a shadow
Over the ground
Dark eyes waiting, watching
Dark hands waiting, watching.
Aged, ancient Moorindal
God of the falling night
Shadows spill like blackest ink
Over all that’s new and bright.
Beautiful black diamond
Like your soul both dark and deep
Dark eyes waiting, watching
Dark hands waiting, watching.

She weighs your worth
Within her hands
Great goddess of the scale
She holds you
She sees you
She knows your every tale.
Kai’tan, I bow
And bring to you
This stone with heart of jewels
Weigh it now
Hold it now
Maiden, fair and cruel.

All gods have a father
And he watches over them
His children call
His children, all
He holds them all as gems.
But Velorien is hard and old
And his ways are set in stone
He has all
And expects all
With your life you will atone.
But beware what you give
If his children you don’t know
Velorien takes all
And Velorien returns all
And his power he’ll bestow.

SW 30
SE 40
NE 20
SE 15
NE 30
SE 50
SW 15
NW 20
NE 40
SE 50}