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"Stand fast, sir! You have the honor of addressing Sir Garrick Stout . . . Captain of the Dernholm Guard, and Master of Melee! What say you, citizen? I am the Master of Melee. I have no equal, for I have never been beaten in battle! Why do you seek me out?”
-A Conversation with Garrick Stout


  • Garrick Stout can be found in Dernholm
  • By day he is in front of the Barracks, and by night in front of the Palace


  • Talking with Stout reveals that he is the Melee Master
  • If the player's Melee rank and training are too low, then he will end the conversation or become hostile
  • If the player's training is high enough, then he will related his version of the Chambers-Druella-Stout Love Triangle



Levelling Scheme[]

Garrick Stout has no Levelling Scheme, but specializing in all of the Combat Arts.



Garrick Stout is a unilateral suitor for the Lady Druella, who was involved in a romantic relationship with Adkin Chambers. Stout was infatuated with the Lady, and challenged Chambers for her hand. Against Druella's wishes, Chambers accepted the duel, arrogantly thinking that his Mastery of Dodge was equal to Stout's Mastery of Melee. Chambers lost the duel and was blinded by Stout's blade when Chambers refused to acknowledge Stout's superiority even though Chambers was helpless. Both Druella and Chambers fled into exile afterwards, leaving Stout helpless to engage with either one.