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The General Practitioner clinic in Shrouded Hills is run by Doc Roberts, the local doctor and surgeon, and provides healing services.

The clinic is the one major medical facility in the sparsely populated region surrounding the town. It lies slightly northward from the town square in Shrouded Hills, in front of the former temple (now converted into a town hall).

Doc Roberts is also a capable gunfighter and something of an unofficial law enforcer in the town. In addition to healing wounds and injuries, he can provide firearms training to the player character.


Inside you'll find Doc Roberts. If you ask him if there's any work to be had, he'll tell you that the Bowen gang is planning to rob the bank, and he'll ask you to help him defend it. When you agree to help, Doc Roberts will walk over to the bank. Then when you talk to him next (provided it's daytime) the bank robbery will start.

You'll find three robbers inside the bank, but with Doc Roberts and the bank employees on your side, you should have a relatively easy time killing them. Once they're dead, loot their bodies for some good equipment, and then talk to Doc Roberts again. If you asked for a magical reward before, you'll receive an enchanted sword. If you asked for a technological reward, you'll receive a revolver. Otherwise, you'll receive an axe. You'll also earn 1000 experience and gain some alignment, and you'll become the Hero of Shrouded Hills.


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