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Known Arcanum world consisted of a continent, presented in the Arcanum module, locations presented in the Vormantown module, as well as places described by Captain Edward Teach and traveller Franklin Payne.

South-Eastern Continent[]

The nearest coast of the south-eastern continent was located almost 1,000 miles to the east from the Isle of Despair[1].

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Ivory Lake Region[]

The body of water, situated between Sollrel's Rock and the Erriwind Forest. There were located Vormantown, the Stone Heart Dwarves seat and Ter'elon Elves village on separate islands.

It is not certain, if Ivory Lake was located outside of the south-western continent or was hidden location there. There were some scientific connections between Vormantown and Tarant however.

Strange Geographical Objects Visited by Teach[]

  • the islands of the Weeping Maidens
  • Serpentspine - a volcanic archipelago settled by firegiants (with Payne)


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