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globalvars.mes contains information about variables used by the game to toggle certain scripts. For example, line 1008 is used for Min Gorad's quest to slay everyone in Stillwater, and line 1018 is used for Sammie White's quest regarding Pick Pocket mastery.

// add global messages starting at 1000
{1000}{Leon - 1 = Allows PC to access dialogue branches to get Tulla to send Xavier Silonus to help Cumbria}
{1001}{Leon - 1 = Black Root being aligned with Tarant is known to PC}
{1002}{Leon - 1 = Xavier Silonus has set up shop in Cumbria}
{1003}{Tim - Counter for how many Tarant guards the PC has killed in Black Root.}
{1004}{Tim - counter for Praetor Dante exchange}
{1005}{cmoore - Kill counter for Lukan the Witless and his merry men at the bridge in Shrouded Hills}
{1006}{cmoore - Kill counter for the 4 surveyors at Falcon's Ache}
{1007}{cmoore - Use counter for the Secret Door to the door of Nasrudin}
{1008}{leon - Dead Stillwater citizens counter}
{1009}{cmoore - 1 = Fight counter, in the Pit, on the Isle of Despair (currently 5)}
{1010}{cmoore - 1 = Fight counter, death of the three-on-one fighting halflings in the Pit}
{1011}{bragg - Kill counter for the Bates Saboteurs when it equals a number then gf2092 is set in death script to stop Saboteurs}
{1012}{leon - counter for Bates door guards' death}
{1013}{leon - counter for dead bank robbers in Stillwater}
{1014}{bragg - State of last response in Town Meeting.}
{1015}{bragg - State of meeting. If 15 or greater, after meeting, quest 1076 is accomplished.}
{1016}{leon - 1 counter for how many times encampment guard has told you to lose Cynthia}
{1017}{cmoore - Kill counter for the poachers}
{1018}{bragg - counter for number of Tarant main Square tiles PC has trigger while in underwear. I more than 200 then success.}
{1019}{bragg - PC snake die number 1}
{1020}{bragg - PC snake die number 2}
{1021}{bragg - PC snake die number 3}
{1022}{bragg - NPC snake die number 1}
{1023}{bragg - NPC snake die number 2}
{1024}{bragg - NPC snake die number 3}
{1025}{bragg - Amount of money PC has won from the current gambling Trainer.}
{1026}{bragg - Amount of money PC has lost to the current gambling Trainer.}
{1027}{Tarant Dialogue Counter--diplomat quest}
{1028}{Tarant Script Counter--diplomat quest}
{1029}{Caladon Dialogue Counter--diplomat quest}
{1030}{Caladon Script Counter--diplomat quest}
{1031}{bragg - Number of dead members of the Willenbecker Gang. When == 7 gang exterminated}
{1032}{cmoore - The three Schuyler Brothers are dead}
{1033}{bragg - pig counter.}
{1034}{bragg - rock counter.}
{1035}{bragg - number in party = pc + follower npc's in party for travel scripts}
{1036}{bragg - current area.mes location number while travelling on a boat}
{1037}{bragg - number of seats purchased for ticket going to Ashbury}
{1038}{bragg - number of seats purchased for ticket going to Tarant}
{1039}{leon - warehouse rats death counter}
{1040}{bragg - number of girls waiting}
{1041}{cmoore - the Schuylers are dead...all three of 'em}
{1042}{bragg - dead bunny counter}
{1043}{bragg - Day counter Shrouded Hills INN}
{1044}{bragg - Day counter Tarant INN}
{1045}{bragg - Day counter Roseborough INN}
{1046}{bragg - Day counter Caladon INN}
{1047}{bragg - Day counter Durnholm INN}
{1048}{bragg - Day counter Stillwater INN}
{1049}{bragg - Day counter Ashbury INN}
{1050}{bragg - Day counter Flop House Tarant INN}
{1051}{bragg - Day counter Blackroot INN}
{1052}{bragg - Reserved for Unknown INN}
{1053}{bragg - Reserved for Unknown INN}
{1054}{bragg - Reserved for Unknown INN}
{1055}{bragg - Reserved for Unknown INN}
{1056}{bragg - Reserved for Unknown INN}
{1057}{bragg - Reserved for Unknown INN}
{1058}{bragg - Reserved for Unknown INN}
{1059}{bragg - Reserved for Unknown INN}
{1060}{bragg - Day counter for Mr. Langley}
{1061}{leon - Bridge materials counter}
{1062}{leon - number of Stillwater citizens}
{1063}{bragg - Gambling winnnings from Killian Drake}
{1064}{leon - Rune counter for Tulla}
{1065}{cmoore - blessing counter}
{1066}{bragg - number of seats purchased for train travel to Blackroot.}
{1067}{cmoore - Counter for the Power runes}
{1068}{cmoore - Counter for the Spirit runes}
{1069}{cmoore - Counter for the Truth runes}
{1070}{cmoore - Counter for the Material runes}
{1071}{cmoore - Counter for the Pelojian runes}
{1072}{bragg - Counter for Arcane Armor,Helm,Shield, and Sword Set}
{1073}{leon - Counter for Elven Bandits at ruins}
{1074}{shellman - Counter for Gyr-Dolour deaths}
{1075}{cmoore - counter for the Dread Crystal Spiders (4)}
{1076}{leon - Thief counter, Shrouded Hills}
{1077}{leon - Thief counter, Tarant}
{1078}{leon - Thief counter, Ashbury}
{1079}{leon - Thief counter, Black Root}
{1080}{leon - Thief counter, Caladon}
{1081}{leon - Enemy of Shrouded Hills counter}
{1082}{leon - Enemy of Tarant counter}
{1083}{leon - Enemy of Ashbury counter}
{1084}{leon - Enemy of Black Root counter}
{1085}{leon - Enemy of Caladon counter}
{1086}{leon - Enemy of Dernholm counter}
{1087}{leon - 1 Enemy of T'sen-Ang counter}
{1088}{cmoore - counter for the deaths of Gorgoth, The Bane of Kree, and Kraka-tur}
{1089}{Nick's drink counter}
{1090}{Iron Clan Control Box Counter - 2 is death}
{1091}{cmoore - counter for Kerghan's Guards' Death}
{1092}{bragg - minute counter for Gorgoth Hungry/HB Scripts}
{1093}{cmoore - counter for hits on dragon styles if the player has Kerghan's apprentice reputation}