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"Gorgoth was a mindless demon, roaming the countryside. He had an insatiable appetite, and would eat anything he came across. And [he chuckles], this is the funny part, he happened upon a village of halflings and ate them all! It seems he had a sweet tooth for halflings! Hah! Isn't that great?”
-A conversation with Professor Eakins, Tarant University


Gorgoth can be found on Island 4 in The Void.


Gorgoth is hungry. Very hungry. And he'll do anything for a quick snack.


  • Gorgoth will join as a Special Follower provided:
    • The player gives him Food
    • The party has an open follower slot

Special Follower Considerations[]

  • Gorgoth will not equip anything in the weapon, shield, or torso slot
  • Gorgoth will leave the party if the player stops feeding him:
    • Gorgoth constantly whines about food, but only actually demands it about every 12 minutes (5 times per game hour)
    • This can be stretched out double as he will only leave if the player refuses him twice in a row
    • The only suitable food available in The Void is Void Animal Carcass which comes from Greater and Lesser Void Lizards
    • As there are no Void Lizards in Kerghan's Castle, the player should stock up on the lizards available on the Void Islands before their final assault
    • Gorgoth cannot carry his food in his inventory -- any food placed there will instantly vanish


  • Gorgoth only has basic dialogue as a follower

Levelling Scheme[]

Gorgoth has no leveling scheme. But he is Melee master and a Dodge expert with 5 full ranks in both.



Gorgoth was a Demon who lived during the Age of Legends. Not much else is known about him except about his insatiable appetite. His most notorious event was when he consumed an entire village of Halflings. For his acts he became one of the five recorded creatures who were banished to The Void. As such his tale can be heard from many Panarii sources, and from the occasional demonologist.


Gorgoth's Character Sheet incorrectly lists him as human.