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Gun Smithy[]

A Technological Discipline which covers all aspects of the design and creation of new firearms

Schematic Components Description Found in-game? Component for something else?
Hand Crafted Flintlock
Broken Flintlock Pistol(8)

Small Metal Tube(n/a)

HandCraftedFlintlockPistolA BrokenFlintlockPistol PlusSign HandCraftedFlintlockPistolB SmallMetalTube

D 2-6; FT 1-4; ТН +5; RNG 15; speed 5

X-mark-32 X-mark-32
Fine Revolver
Revolver Parts(15)

Revolver Chamber(10)

FineRevolverA RevolverParts PlusSign FineRevolverB RevolverParts

D 3-12; FT 3-9; ТН +15; RNG 15; speed 12

Checkmark-32 Checkmark-32
Repeater Rifle
Hunting Rifle(25)

Revolver Chamber(10)

RepeaterRifleA HuntingRifle PlusSign FineRevolverB RevolverParts

D 2-10; FT 1-5; RNG 15; speed 12; 2 bullets per shot

Checkmark-32 Checkmark-32
Hushed Revolver
Fine Revolver(35)

Engine Muffler(n/a)

FineRevolverC PlusSign HushedRevolverB EngineMuffler

D 2-9; FT 2-5; RNG 9; speed 8

X-mark-32 X-mark-32
Looking Glass Rifle
Marksman's Rifle(52)

Looking Glass(n/a)

LookingGlassRifleA Marksman'sRifle PlusSign LookingGlassRifleB LookingGlass

D 40-40; FT 40-40; TH +20; RNG 25; speed .

Checkmark-32 Checkmark-32
Hand Cannon
Clarington Rifle(70)

Fancy Pistol(40)

HandCannonA ClaringtonRifle PlusSign HandCannonB FancyPistol

D 5-20; FT 1-10; RNG 12; speed 8 .

Checkmark-32 X-mark-32
Elephant Gun
Hunting Rifle(25)

Big Pipe(n/a)

RepeaterRifleA HuntingRifle PlusSign ElephantGunB BigPipe

D 20-40; FT 1-10; RNG 15; speed 4; 2 bullets per shot

Checkmark-32 Checkmark-32