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H.T. Parnell's is a museum of curiosities in Tarant, located at 17 Kensington Broadway.

It showcases various artifacts from Arcanum's past and present, some more mundane, some bizarre and strange, some even highly questionable.


Inside, there are two people you can talk to: Gar, "the world's most intelligent orc," and H. T. Parnell, the proprietor. Talk to Gar first, and ask him about teas. If you have at least 2 ranks of persuasion, you can claim green teas are superior to black teas, and Gar will slip and show his true intelligence. Then you'll learn his true name is Garfield Thelonius Remington III, and that he's human.

Now talk to Parnell. Ask him about Gar "the human" and pretend to blackmail him about slavery. He'll ask you to take Gar off his hands. Then when you talk to Gar again, he'll agree to join your party. If you release him instead, you'll gain a fate point.

You can do two more things with Parnell:

a) Ask him about the Stillwater Giant pelt, and let him tell you about how Franklin Payne captured it. Then point out that the pelt doesn't look very good any more, and suggest there might be a way to make money off of it. Together you'll decide on an insurance scam where you get the pelt and Parnell gets to claim it was stolen. The pelt is necessary for a quest later (in Stillwater), and this is the easiest way to get it. You can also steal the key to the case that houses the pelt, or wait until night when Gar and Parnell go to sleep, and break open the case then.

b) Ask him about the objects in his emporium, and then offer to sell him something exotic. If you have Bessie Toone's Boot with you, you can then sell it for 250 gold.


Gar the orc is imprisoned here as a living exhibit. After a quest, the player character can free him.


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