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The gentle art the deal comes into play when one wishes to buy goods at less than their full price. The higher the rank of one's Haggle Skill, the less a Character will pay for items during bartering and the more they will receive when selling items. A person of quick wit and sharp tongue need never pay standard retail prices!

  • Haggle Apprentice: the merchant's mark-up is reported to the character
  • Haggle Expert: merchants will buy almost anything, even things they normally would not
    • Trained by:
      • Bartenders
  • Haggle Master: merchants will sell items marked "Not for Sale"
    • Trained by:
      • J. M. Morant at Grant's Tavern in Tarant
      • Morat wants 10,000 gold pieces to make you a Master Haggle. You must have 10,000 there is no way around it, but if you have 10,000 gold before even talking to him for the first time then he will praise you for having windfall reserves and give money back right away. Without having gold right away one can kill him after giving him the money but be advised, he has two ogre bodyguards.


Haggle allows characters to receive greater monetary awards from completing quests. There may be too many of such uses to note.

  • reducing the price of the ship sold by the shipbuilder in Black Root from 50,000 coins to 35,000 (rank 20 in Haggle, no mastery) or 25,000 coins (Haggle Master)