The gentle art the deal comes into play when one wishes to buy goods at less than their full price. The higher the rank of one's Haggle Skill, the less a Character will pay for items during bartering and the more she will receive when selling items. A person of quick wit and sharp tongue need never pay standard retail prices!

  • Haggle Apprentice: the merchant's mark-up is reported to the character

Trained by:

> Jongle in Shrouded Hills

> The tailors in Tarant (Thurston's Fashion Palace) and Black Root (The Dancing Needle)

  • Haggle Expert: merchants will buy almost anything, even things they normally would not
    • Trained by:
      • Bartenders
  • Haggle Master: merchants will sell items marked "Not for Sale"
    • Trained by:
      • J. M. Morant at Grant's Tavern in Tarant
      • Morat wants 10,000 gold pieces to make you a Master Haggle. It's the only way. One can kill him after giving him the money but be advised, he has two ogre bodyguards.