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The Halcyon Order is a religious sect focused on severe repentance. Even one achieved by extreme measures (self-harming, intentionally damaging organs and digits, etc.), at the expense of the physical well-being of the individuals who practice it.

William Thorndop from Ashbury is a member of the Order. When the player character learns of Thorndop's affiliation with the sect and the cause of Thorndop's self-inflicted wounds, they tend to react with shock and disbelief. Thorndop will explain his life story to the player character, reminescenting on how the order helped him with starting his penance, for all the years of selfishly using guns. As punishment for his use of firearms for violent means, he had his thumbs and index fingers willingly amputated.


Extreme forms of penance were occassionally practiced in various real world religions, often as an additional component of a highly ascetic life. However, these practices tended to be frowned upon by most religions' clergy and laymen, with non-harmful ascetism combined with personal soul-searching being the preferred method of penance.

The closest real world analogue to the Halcyon Order seem to be certain shorter-lived religious sects that appeared in times of major epidemics and social crises, such as the medieval movement of Flagellants that appeared in the aftermath of the 14th century Black Death plague epidemic. The flagellant movement believed that the only manner in which they could effectivelly repent for their own sins and the sins of the world was to practice near-constant self-flogging and other self-inflicted bodily harm.