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This is a build that uses the Half-orc race plus Raised by Orcs background combo, augmented by the Sebastian Auto-Level Scheme. Males and Females do fine. Males get a damage and carry boost from Strength. Females get access to a Fancy dress at the Blimp Store.


  • The Half-Orc Secret Agent/Gunslinger is a Build that relies on creative solutions based upon the newest Tenological Gadgets.
  • It also includes some classics like pistols, daggers, explosives, thievery, and a string of tech savvy support.
  • You get one follower. Virgil is good to start, but you'll be swapping around others to get access to all of the Technological Disciplines.
  • Dog is a free follower that you can also get, and he and your current companion will be all that you will need.
  • This build starts off as Melee but converts to a Gunslinger by level 16.
  • You'll also you'll be heavy in Explosives right from the start.
  • Electric will come handy as well: Rings are first, and trap detection a bit later.
  • Toss in some Thieving Skills which become more sophisticated as you advance in the later stages.
  • The full details are below:

Show Scheme

  • Melee 1
  • Electric 1
  • Firearms 1
  • Explosives 1
  • Pick Locks 1
  • Max HPs 38
  • Electric 2
  • Firearms 2
  • Explosives 2
  • Pick Locks 2
  • Throwing 1
  • Max HPs 54
  • Melee 2
  • Electric 3
  • Firearms 3
  • Explosives 3
  • Max HPs 70
  • Electric 4
  • Firearms 4
  • Explosives 4
  • Pick Locks 3
  • Throwing 2
  • Max HPs 86
  • Melee 3
  • Firearms 5
  • Prowling 4
  • Max HPs 98
  • Perception 19
  • Pick Locks 5
  • Throwing 3
  • Max HPs 110
  • Perception 20
  • Melee 4
  • Throwing 4
  • Max HPs 128
  • Melee 5
  • Dexterity 19
  • Max HPs 138
  • Throwing 5
  • Dexterity 20
  • Max HPs 400

The Blimp[]

  • At the Start, select "Options"


  • On the Options Screen, select "Easy" and "Turn Based"


  • At the first Screen, select a Name, then race of "Half-orc", Male (or Female), and "Raised by Orcs"


  • On the next Screen, push the Leveling Scheme button in the upper left corner, and choose "Sebastian" (RED)


  • Also this is the screen where you would normally spend your 5 starting Character Points {CPs). DO NOT DO THAT YET.


Crash Site[]

  • At the Crash Site, give Virgil the Rapier and Fine Dagger, and take his staff
  • Now allocate your 5 CPs as follows:


  • You should be able to keep two slots of Agility of Fire going at all times
  • Clear the main Crash Site together with Virgil, rest when necessary
  • Clear The Cave, and talk to the dead thief. You can either accept or defer his quest, but either way it starts you on your First Adventure
  • Collect everything that you can find, especially plants

Leaving the Crash Site[]

  • On your way out, you will be confronted by a dark individual. Deal with him as you like
  • Shortly after, Virgil will suggest to use the world map to leave
    • You should take his advice and pick your next destination (either the quest, or Shrouded Hills)
    • There are about a dozen wolves in the canyon beyond
    • Skip those wolves for now, and come back later when you and Virgil have levelled up a bit

Crash Site Quest (optional)[]

  • If you opt-in for the quest, then complete that before going to Shrouded Hills

Shrouded Hills[]

  • Clear out the Temple and use it for your base of operations; it has 3 containers that you can use for sorting and storage
  • Sell all of your loot that you don't want
  • Keep the Following:
    • All plants
    • Rags
    • Capacitors
    • Copper Rings
  • Go the the Inn and look for Elder Joachim
  • Talk to everyone, but DO NOT Sell the blimp ring to anyone!
  • Get Dodge, Melee, and Throwing Apprentice training
  • Explore and loot as many buildings as you can, selling and equipping as you go
  • Skip guns for now -- that will happen in Tarant (see below)

Shrouded Hills Quests[]

  • Do as many quests as you can (skip the Jacob Bens quest unless you know exactly how to do it)
    • When you get to level 5, buy some fuel and start making Molotov Cocktails
    • Use them at point-blank range -- they won't do friendly damage so it's ok
    • This is also a good time to use them on the wolves back at the Crashsite Valley if you need to
  • Level 5 (or 6) is also when you want to go to Dernholm to get Jayna Stiles

Leaving Shrouded Hills[]

  • You will have to deal with some brigands blocking your way out
  • Deal with them as you like, and Molotovs can be a big help if you decide to fight
  • Ask around for directions to Dernholm
  • Talk to Percival Toone again about his sister if the topic of Dernholm isn't coming up with other NPCs
  • Gather up all of your plants, and make a few extra Molotoves because the trip can be dangerous
  • Go to Dernhom


  • Take everything from Virgil (well maybe he can keep his robes)
  • Find Jayna Stiles at her house
  • Have Virgil wait and recruit the beautiful Jayna as your partner
  • She is now your temp healer, as Virgil has trouble with being able to heal tech players
  • Give her your second best weapon and all of the plants
  • Keep the rapier for yourself.
  • Talk to everyone
  • Get Pick Pocket Apprentice Training from Vollinger at the local pub
  • Take the quest from King Praetor to Get the Taxes from Black Root
  • Stock up on Molotov Cocktails, have Jayna craft some healing salves, and walk back to Shrouded Hills
  • At Shrouded hills sell what you can, gather up what's left, and walk to Tarant


  • Note: When you get to level 8, you will be swapping Jayna for Magnus Shale Fist. So watch your exp and do not over-level
  • Go to the Tailor and buy a Smoking Jacket
  • Go to the Magick Shop and buy Oiled Thieves Leather Armor
  • Go to Poone's Flop House, put on your leather, and get Pick Pocket Expert Training
  • Go to the Rat Warehouse for you base of operations
    • It is a quest for exp, lots of tech gear, and plenty of containers to store and sort stuff
  • Start doing some of the easy fetch quests
  • When you get to level 8, take Jayna back to the Warehouse, have her craft everything that she can, and then dismiss her
    • Don't worry, she had a good time and you will see her again in Dernholm when you need more crafting
  • Recruit Magnus, continue doing fetch quests and gather materials for him to make you and him some nice swords
  • When you get to level 10 (or reach Melee level 2.5) take the train to Black Root for training and more fetch quests

Black Root[]

  • Get expert training in Melee from Herkemer Oggdoddler
  • Talk to everyone, and take all of the quests
  • Once you are done there, and have the taxes, then return to Dernholm to finish that quest and the Bessie Toone Quest
  • Now go back to Shrouded Hills
  • You should be level 12-13, and be able to get apprentice and expert training in firearms from Doc Roberts
  • Finish up any quests there, and go to Tarant

Tarant (part 2)[]

  • The gameplan here is to get to level 15 so that Magnus can make an Auto Skeleton Keys
  • So do more questing until you hit level 14
    • If you have crafted enough grenades then this is a good time to vist The Boil
    • Do the quests necessary to join Pollock's gang
    • Accept Pollock's quest to Kill Damian Maug and take the tech items he offers
    • Save that quest for later though; all you need is the Hand Cannon that he gave you :D
  • At level 14 craft a Flow Specktrometer
  • Use that to visit and clear out P. Schuyler & Sons
  • Use the proper dialogue to get a Fate Point
  • Use the Fate Point to pickpocket the Sharpshooter's Pistol from Tarant Gun Smith
  • Finish any quests to get to level 15
  • Have Magnus do some final crafting (including the auto skeleton key)
  • Release Magnus from the party -- its ok because you can visit him again later for more crating
  • Grab your new guns, and head back to Dernholm via Black Root

Wrap Up[]

  • Recruit Vollinger
  • Give him the Hand Canon
  • Think about raiding the Ancient Maze to get to level 16, and to get the Nature's Wrath Helm for Vollinger
  • Use Shrouded Hills as a base if desired, to restock bullets for Vollinger and Molotov Cocktails and Grenades for yourself
  • Take a few trips if you want to chip away at it
  • When you get to level 16, take the Hand Canon and give him the Sharpshooter's Pistol
  • Yeah! You're a gunslinger now!
  • Get Expert Firearms training in Shrouded Hills
  • Raid garbage bins and Craft as much as you can in Tarant
  • Sell what crafted items that you cannot use for profit (like smoke grenades)
  • Look for the Electrocution Grenade Schematic at the gun smithy
    • Craft those, and Molotovs and Stun Grenades to use
  • Join The Thieves Underground via the Steal the Elven Funeral Stone quest for Cassandra Pettibone
  • Consider raiding the Main Sewers in Tarant, and Finishing the Boil Quest

Black Mountain Clan[]

  • As you get close to level 20, you will probably be ready to follow The Main Quest to the Black Mountain Clan, via forcing Stillwater to use as your base
  • So stock up before that on Lots of Bullets, Batteries, Molotovs, Electocution and Stun Grenades, and Healing Salves
  • Also find Magnus and have him make several Trap Springers for areas with traps (Use your Flow Specktrometer there)
  • With Stillwater as your base, you can sell off and restock as often as you like to do the mines in several trips
  • If you are able to clear the mines, then you will have no worries for the rest of the game

Final Thoughts[]

  • By level 25 think about Firearms mastery in Ashbury
  • Ditto with continued training for Prowling and Pick Locks -- your thieving skills really start to blossom after that
  • Look at doing the Ancient Gods quests for some bonus points
  • Don't be shy to revisit Magnus and Jayna when you need more things crafted -- just have Vollinger wait so there is room in the party while they craft
  • Make a HARD SAVE at the entrance of T'sen-Ang
    • Try to make peace with the Molochean Hand while there
    • If you cannot, then reload have have Vollinger wait while you conduct business there