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The Halfling Tech Thief is a Build that relies on the Halfling's native abilities and a special background to augment them.

The Blimp[]

  • Start as a Halfling and Raised by Orcs background.
    • You always get one follower, and Jayna Stiles is a good choice for a techie to swap out with Virgil.
    • Dog is free and that is all that you will probably need.
  • Buy a boomerang and pick locks for yourself, and a rapier for Virgil.
  • Don't spend any CPs yet.

Crash Site[]

  • At the Crashsite give Virgil the rapier and take his staff as your backup weapon.
  • Then use 1 CP to take the spell Agility of Fire (I know, but it is the only magick you will need.)
  • Cast it twice on yourself
  • Now add 4 points of Throwing
  • You and Virgil can clear the crashsite and loot it of everything
  • Check the ground too, and get all of the herbs
  • At levels 2, 3, take Pick Pocket and Prowling

Shrouded Hills[]

  • At level 4 take Pick Locks
  • At shrouded hills get apprentice training in dodge, melee, throwing, picklock, and prowling.
  • Do all of the quests
  • At level 5 add 2 more points to Lock Pick
  • At level 6 take picklock 4 and loot Shrouded Hills clean. Keep all of the herbs
  • At Level 7 take Explosives 1 and stock up on Molotov Cocktails
  • Gather your herbs and head to Dernholm


Black Root[]

  • At Blackroot get Pick Locks expert training, and pick up the throwing mastery quest.
  • Do all quests
  • Go to Tarant (via Dernholm and/or Shrouded Hills) to wrap up any quests
  • At level 9 get pickpocket 2
  • At level 10 get throwing 5 and Picklock 5.


Preparing for the BMC[]

  • Continuing questing until levels 15 to 20
  • Slowly stock up on Molotov Cocktails and Charges and healing herbs
  • Consider points into electric for charged rings and flow specktrometer. Consider points into mechanical for trap springers and auto skeleton key
  • Molotoves and boomerangs will take out most things. Jayna can keep you and dog healed
  • Make sure that you and Jayna have the best gear

The BMC[]

  • Force Stillwater by going to coordinates 1190W 753S
  • Set up camp there, and store your gear at the Inn.
  • Do the quests if you want
  • Get ready to raid the Black Mountain Clan Mines
  • You can do this in as many trips as you like, using Stillwater as your base
  • Return as needed to Stillwater to sell loot, and to stock up on more Molotov Cocktails and Charges and healing herbs
  • Make sure to grab the Eye Gear on the main level

Final Thoughts[]

  • It is clear sailing after that
  • Consider adding points to Perception, pick pocket, and prowling
  • Pump Explosives if you want better grenades
  • Or experiment to your heart's content  :)