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The sixth schematic acquired while graduating in the Electrical discipline. The item crafted using this schematic is called Regenerative Jacket. Sebastian in the Boil has a (medium) Regenerative Jacket.

Ingredients: Electrical Harness + Leather Armor

  • Leather Armor is sold by Blacksmiths and can looted from enemies. Note however that looted GUARD Leather Armor will not work.
  • Electrical Harnesses are sold by Inventors' shops.
  • Armors of every size can be crafted, on a size to size basis.


  • No matter the size or the level of technological aptitude, a Regenerative Jacket has the same statistics: AC bonus of +8, Damage Resistance 14, Fire Resistance 5. It weights 250 stones (regardless of size) and has a durability of 80.
  • As for its healing effect, it heals 4 health point every 5 seconds, 1 charge per heal.
  • The healing effect works for any level of aptitude. However, for some reason, it uses up 2 charges per heal for highly technological (TA ≥ 80) characters.

Healing Jacket.jpg