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Heinrick Jenks is a Human spy for a group of self-proclaimed Tarantian "patriots", they are planning to assassinate King Farad of Caladon.


He will first appear at the Tarant City Hall after the Living one has talked with Edward Willoughsby in his City Hall office. He will stop the Living One if he is not spoken to before leaving the City Hall.

He will ask about the previous conversation and will accuse Mr. Willoughsby interest in Caladon membership into the Unified Kingdom to be about his private business interests, stating that Caladon membership will diminish Tarant power and possibly cause a war. He will then ask the Living One to assassinate King Farad of Caladon.

SPOILER: He is wrong about Mr. Willoughsby interests as proven by the endings, but the Living One can cause a war by making too many concessions to Caladon ( likely for bribes ) in the negotiations.

After being told about the plot, if the Living One explicitly refuses or accuses him of being a traitor he will become hostile, same reaction if his patriotism is insulted before the plot is mentioned.

While at the City Hall, Mr. Willoughsby can be informed about the assassination plot, he will order his bodyguard Lorham to kill Jenks. His death will botch the quest Assassinate King Farad of Caladon.

After King Farad is dead the Living One can report back to Jenks in Grant's Tavern. Jenks will remain there for the rest of the game.



  • Killing King Farad before he mention the plot will sequence break his quest, he will appear directly at Grant's Tavern and give the reward like the Living One had agreed.
  • Heinrick Jenks is technically a different NPC in each location he appears; only noticeable with Sense Alignment or Read Aura, he will change from Alignment 10 at the City Hall to alignment 0 at the tavern.