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52 Cynthia Boggs: Help her escape from encampment on Isle of Despair. (Reward: 1500 XP.) p. 216

Cynthia Boggs wants to leave the Isle Of Despair colony and live in The Women's Camp. If you are male then she will give you a white scarf to wear when you visit there to to get their help for her escape.

You must wear the scarf BEFORE arriving there else the tribe will attack you on sight. Visit the women's camp and talk to Lorria. She can negotiate a plan for freeing Cynthia from the colony. Upon returning to the colony, Cynthia will join your party as a temporary follower. The colony guards will not let her leave willingly so brute force, stealth, or guile will be needed. If Lorria has given you a gun, DO NOT give it or any other firearm to Cynthia until after she is free from the colony.

If you take Cynthia to the Women's Camp then she will leave the party and join the tribe. If you take her with you back to Ashbury, then she will leave your party on the docks there and thank you for her escape to "true freedom".

on the island, and that she has been "abused and treated like common property" since her mother died. She will then ask you to help her, and she'll tell you about a tribe of nomadic women who live on the island. Then she'll mark the location of their camp on your world map, and, if you're male, she'll give you a white scarf to wear so the women in the tribe will know you come in peace. After negotiations with their leader Lorria, she will give you an old revolver to give to Cynthia to aid her in her escape. When you return to the enclave, Cynthia will be perfectly willing to take the revolve try to escape on her own, but she doesn't have any skill with firearms, and so she'll just get herself killed. If you decide to help her further, she will join your party, and you will have to escort her to the camp. she will to will women's camp. There are several ways to get Cynthia out of the enclave. If you're persuasive, then when a guard stops you and tells you Cynthia isn't allowed to leave, you can tell him that you own her, and he'll let you pass. If you're feeling violent, then you can simply kill all the guards who try to stop you (this doesn't seem to prevent you from completing any quests). If you're feeling sneaky, then you can unlock (or break open) one of the windows in the outer wall, and then lead Cynthia through the window, or simply make her invisible and walk through the front gate. However it is planned, you'll receive experience points and a boost to your alignment.Upon arrival at the camp, Lorria will allow Cynthia to stay. Cynthia will stop following you, and if you demanded payment when you first talked to her, then she'll give you her locket. As an alternative, you can also take Cynthia with you when you return to Ashbury. Again, she will promptly leave the party whilst thanking you for "true freedom".