Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

Retrieve Cassie's Necklace[]

Madam Lil asks you to retrieve Cassie’s Necklace from Mr Moorelands house and 46 Devonshire Way. For services rendered, you can choose one of her girls. Laura the maid has found the necklace. There are many ways to get it:

  • You can pick pocket it from her
  • You can threaten her with violence (she will then give it up)
  • Offer to pay her 25 gold for it
  • Take pity on her, charm her by complimenting her about her youth and beauty. Mention that she could get a job with Madam Lil. Promise to talk with Madam Lil and she will give you the necklace. When you get there, you find, she has now joined the brothel and offers you a free “test run”.

Get Mr. Langley to Pay[]

Madam Lil asks you to get Mr Langley the doorman of the Bridesdale Inn to pay his debt of 400 gold. You can convince him to pay half now and he will pay you the rest in 5 days. You can also pick pocket him for extra cash while you are there.

Deliver Package to Mrs. Halster (males only)[]

Madam Lil asks you to deliver a package to Mrs Halster of 48 Devonshire Way to help patch things up between her and her husband. Just pretend to be a delivery boy and she will be a happy woman again.

“Service” Mr. Franklin (females only)[]

He lives at corner of Vermillion and Grimson. Must have Beauty of 7 or above.

Get Madam Lil a Medallion of Beauty[]

Madam Lil asks you to get her a Medallion of Beauty. The lady in the blue dress in the Derholm Pub has one (you can pick pocket her for it and complete the quest).

Similarly one of the ladies in the Captains Quarters in Black Root has one of these amulets.

The item is also one of the random Magick treasures you can find. Some people have found it in the Ancient Maze, Wolf Cave or Dungeon of the Dragon Pool.

Additionally, you can simply buy it from Mr. Black's fence in Tarant who sometimes has it in stock. You must be a Thieves Underground member to do so.