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The Herbalist shop in the small town of Shrouded Hills is run by local herbalist Gaylin.


If you ask Gaylin the owner about work, she'll ask you to retrieve the Amulet of N'Tala. However, she won't have any idea where it might be. You'll find it eventually in Stillwater being worn by an elf named Myrth. If you rob or kill Myrth to get the amulet, then you'll earn 1700 experience and 1000 gold if you give it to Gaylin. Gaylin will also reward you by letting you know where the elven city of Qintarra is located. However, the Amulet of N'Tala gives (+1) ST, (+1) CN, and (+100%) healing rate, so if you found Qintarra in another way, you might want to keep the amulet for yourself (or steal it back after you give it away).



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