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Hieronymous Maxim is a factory owner in Caladon. He is the inventor of the zeppelin, the aeroplane, and the mechanized gun.


Unfortunately, Maxim's factory was recently robbed and trashed by ogres. His planes were stolen and used to shoot down the IFS Zephyr, and were destroyed in the process. He has nothing to show for the time and money he invested into his projects – projects funded by the King.

Maxim needs proof that his inventions worked, or else he will be named a fraud and be unable to find more work as an inventor. Even though the player character had seen the machines fly, the Living One's word alone is not enough. Instead, Maxim can be given the camera found at the Crash Site, since it contains pictures of the areoplanes in flight.

If the camera had already been sold to Ristezze, he will likely still have it in his stock and it may be purchased back and given to Maxim. (Has been verified.)



Maxim provides Master training for the Repair skill.


Hieronymous Maxim appears to be based on real-world Hiram Maxim, the man who invented the first machine gun and also experimented with powered flight. See Easter Eggs for more.