Horace McGinley is one of twelve pre-made player characters, available to players of Arcanum from the "Pick Character" selection screen, under the "New Game" option in the main menu.

Horace is a male half-elf, a survivor of the mysterious attack on the IFS Zephyr and the airship's subsequent crash landing.

Stats Edit

  • Stats:
  • Carry Weight: 4000
  • Damage Bonus: -1
  • AC Adjustment: -1
  • Speed: 9
  • Heal Rate: 2
  • Poison Recovery: 7
  • Reaction Modifier: -3

Biography Edit

Horace McGinley was born under a bad sign. An orphan from birth, he found himself in a daily battle with life and its peculiar quandaries. After running away from various homes and institutions, Horace found himself on the streets, homeless and hungry. Carving a niche for oneself in such an environment is difficult, but Horace was anything if not determined. After falling in with a group of local street toughs, Horace began to learn the ways of combat and thievery, and even began dabbling in the ways of magick.

With the money from a few successful heists, Horace has booked passage on the IFS Zephyr to Tarant. It's not that life won't give you anything, he thinks, it's just all in the way that you ask.

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