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The IFS Zephyr was a blimp that was the first lighter-than-air aircraft in Arcanum.

Zephyr 01

IFS Zephyr in flight

On Jan 1, 1885, the Zephyr left on its maiden voyage, carrying passengers from Caladon to Tarant but the voyage ended tragically when it was shot down by Ogre bandits flying armed, experimental heavier-than-air aircraft. The blimp crashed at a site close to the small mining town of Shrouded Hills, leaving only one survivor.

In addition to the crew, known passengers included:

  • The Living One (if none of the premade characters are chosen)


Premade characters that aren't chosen will be found as bodies at the crash site. The bodies of D'ren Le'lor, Solomon Doone, Isaac Zapruder, Preston Radcliffe, & Wilhemina Carpenter are lootable for objects. The "Living One" bodies are cleared after the player character leaves the crash site but the latter three contain quest related items and are persistent.