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Intelligence (abbreviated as "IN") is a measure of a character's smarts. It impacts a character's ability to learn several skills. It's also the limiting factor in a character's ability to learn and sustain spells, as well as their ability to master Technological Disciplines.

A character's verbal acuity is based primarily on his or her intelligence. A person of low intelligence has distinctly limited choices in dialog. These dialog limitations make certain quests unattainable.

Intelligence influences a few secondary stats:

  • Spell maintenance: an intelligent wizard can keep control of several spells at a time; the maximum number of spells one can maintain simultaneously is that character's IN divided by four (the result is not rounded upward – with 11 IN, only two spells can be maintained at a time; a full 12 is needed to sustain three).
  • Dialog: a character with IN below 5 will not be able to speak properly, which can make dialog pretty humorous. IN 5 is the minimum required to learn spells.
    • As an exception, a character with the "Idiot Savant" character background can have higher intelligence while still communicating unintelligibly.

The maximum statistics bonus for an Intelligence of 20 is a +10% to the success rate of every skill (seems to affect combat skills as well, effectively increasing chance to hit).

Consuming alcoholic beverages can temporarily depress the intelligence stat.

  • The Ring of Dark Magicks increases IN by 1.
  • The Vivifier permanently increases IN by 1.
  • A technological character that invests into Therapeutics can additionally temporarily boost IN by using the Mind Marvel and Revitalizer. Utilizing the Essence of Intellect and the Brain Builder schematic, even a character with 5 IN can become fully proficient in any technological discipline.