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"Crawling through these mines can get a body killed. The place is filled with traps and odd creatures, not to mention the live (and dead) thieves of all kinds out for your blood."


Tarant []

  • The quest to Investigate the Black Mountain Clan can be given one of two (or three) ways:
  • In all cases the location of the Black Mountain Clan (BMC) will be marked on the player's map
  • You also find out that:
    • The "Gnome Preston Radcliff" was actually a Dwarf named Stennar Rock Cutter
    • Stennar was a close friend to a young Bates
    • Stennar was a member of the BMC and introduced Bates to his clan and its advanced Technology
    • Stennar had Bates' signet ring as a gift of friendship
    • Stennar and the entire clan went missing about 70 years ago
    • Bates launched several investigations into their disappearance, all which were fruitless
  • It is now up to The Player to renew the investigation

Stillwater (Optional)[]

The party may wish to force the town of Stillwater (1190W 753S) on the World Map

  • Stillwater can provide a convenient base of operations for exploring the BMC mines
  • The mines are notorious for being one of the most difficult portions of The Main Quest
  • Fully exploring them may require several trips back and forth to sell loot and for resupplies

Black Mountain Clan[]

  • The BMC is composed of 4 levels; the fourth is optional

Level 1[]

  • The First Level is split into two parts
    • The first part leads directly from the surface to Level 2, and is guarded by ailing wolves
    • The second part can only be reached by another place in level 2, and it leads to levels 3 and 4
    • This part is guarded by Brute Fangs

Level 2[]

Level 3[]

  • Third level starts in a moderately trapped throne room
  • The throne room is guarded by a large force of kites, and several Granite Rats
  • A passage at the back of the throne room is unguarded but heavily trapped
  • It leads to a chamber containing Gudmund Ore Bender and the Pillar of Truth (see below) and a Machined Hammer

Level 4[]

Gudmund Ore Bender[]


  • 2500 exp is given at the site of the Pillar
  • If Gilbert Bates is alive and the information is given to him, then:


  • This is one of the most difficult quests of the game
  • This quest should not be attempted until Level 15 at the earliest, and more realistically around levels 20-25
  • This is often considered the "Reality Check" for your build, in that if you can't get passed the BMC, then you may want to start the game over from scratch with a different build
  • Typically this is also the point where if you do clear it, then money no longer is a concern or issue thanks to all of the loot
  • Keep at least a few of the Lava Rocks that you find in the mines, because this is the only place where you can reliably get them