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"Since I am confined to my house, I need someone to help clear my name. Are you interested in helping me out?"
-Dwarf Jormund of Qintarra

"Investigate the Murder of Wrath" is a side-quest that you will come across while exploring the Qintarra for the first time.


  • While in Qintarra, you will discover a Dwarf named Jormund, who is studying to become a mage. He is unhappy, however with the terms of his apprenticeship, particularly due to his surly mentor, Wrath.
  • If the player goes to talk to Wrath, then they will find that the Elf is dead.
  • Returning to Jormund will reveal that he has been placed under house arrest for the death of his former mentor. Jormund will plead his innocence, and ask you to investigate the death and clear his name.
  • Going to search the body (and/or casting Conjure Spirit on it) will reveal that Wrath was poisoned.
  • Bringing this information back to Jormund will prompt him to formally offer his quest.
  • He will then advise you to visit Sharpe the Apothecary.
  • Visiting the shop will reveal that Sharpe is away, but that his partner Ivory is there.

Sharpe's path[]

  • Discussing the case with Ivory leads to Sharpe becoming a suspect.
  • Pressing her on the subject leads to an abrupt end of the discussion.
  • Taking this information to the Guards watching Jormund will be enough to facilitate his release and indict Sharpe as the killer.

Wraths's path[]

  • If Ivory is not pressed, then the conversation with her can end peacefully.
  • Further investigating the shop reveals a locked chest containing an empty vial with remnants of the same poison that killed Wrath.
  • This allows more dialogue with Ivory, which can lead to the conclusion that Wrath killed himself and tried to frame Sharpe for it.
  • Taking this information to the Guards watching Jormund will be enough to facilitate his release and indict Wrath as his own killer.



  • The player may encounter Wrath before the start of this quest. If they do so and provoke him into attacking the party, then the quest becomes unavailable.
  • After Wrath's death, the player can use Conjure Spirit on Wrath's body at various times during and after the investigation.
  • If the player follows the Wrath path, then they get the opportunity to meet Sharpe later, and they can use his shop to buy potions.