Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

Lillian Misk asks you to find out who disclosed the information concerning the ownership of “Horror Among The Dark Elves”.

Talking with Wesley the butler and the Brinda the Maid yields no positive results. Those with a keen eye will notice Wesley’s passport under the couch. This leads you a his home. Searching his home yields an incriminating note to Wesley from Elmer Burbuttom. If you speak with Wesley again, he clams up and refuses to say anything.

To find Elmer Burbottom, you must travel back to Tarant and look him up in the Hall of Records. You find his address as 14 Trellis way, Ashbury.

Travelling there, you find im dying after being attacked by a mysterious mage. He has been posing as Kendrick Wales as he thought it a better name to write a book. With his dying breath, he confirms that Wesley was indeed the culprit.

Returning to Caladon, you talk to Lillian and find that Wesley has now also been murdered. Case closed!

Note – more charismatic and attractive characters can “comfort” Lillian in her grief.