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The eponymous penal colony is located at 323W 877S, on the South southeast shore of the Island. It is marked on your map when you dock on the island itself.



Map of Isle of Despair

1 - Gate Guard[]

The gate guard welcomes you but he has no knowledge about the Black Mountain Clan. Instead he will direct you to Thorvald Two Stones. He will also warn you about a dangerous beast and offer you a quest to kill it.

2 - Land Bridge[]

The bridge allows you to cross the moat. There is also another crossing near point #3.

3 - Tracks[]

Part of the The Sorcerous Beast quest.

4 - Cynthia Boggs[]

Cynthia will tell you that she was born within the colony, but wishes to leave. She will offer you a quest to help her escape.

5 - Norian's House[]

Norian brews potato moonshine, and he'll ask you to deliver a jug of it to Maximillian, who lives north of the enclave.

6 - Jones the Collector's Shop[]

Jones will ask you to go to Shades Beach and pick up some unspecified objects for him.

7 - The Pit[]

This is the arena where pit fights occur. It can only be entered by Gorrin sending you in, and it can only be left by defeating your current opponent. As such, it is vulnerable to various bugs and glitches.

8 - Gorrin, Master of the Pit[]

Gorrin schedules fights in the pit. One way to see Thorvald is to win at least one such fight. The battles are solo, however, so you'll have to have your companions wait while fighting. After winning the first battle, you have the option to continue fighting battles up to 4 more times The opponents in order are:

  • Borag, a level 10 half-ogre
  • A level 12 human bandit
  • A level 11 elven thief
  • A level 14 human bandit
  • Three level 15 halflings.

If you are quick then you can loot their corpses after each battle before being teleported out of the pit. If you win all five battles, then you'll gain the reputation "Champion of the Pit."

9 - Ogdin[]

Ogdin is blocking the door to Thorvald's house, and you'll have to get passed him to enter the house. The ways are:

  • Prove yourself in the pit by winning a battle there (see #8).
  • If your character has 4 points (1 full rank) of persuasion and completes the quest to Give Ogdin a Book quest.
  • You can pick pocket the key from him.
  • You can kill him and loot the key or smash the door to gain entrance to the house.

Ogdin can also provide information that is related to Gnome Conspiracy.

10 - Thorvald Two Stones[]

Thorvald will inform you that the Black Mountain Clan in no where on the island, And that you must get your answers from the Wheel Clan. He will mark the location on your world map, but then inform you that special glasses are required to actually enter. Those can be obtained:

  • You can ask him for the glasses with an intelligence less than 5 (dumb dialogue) and 4 points (1 rank) of Persuasion.
  • If you are not a gnome, then with 9 points of persuasion you can ask Thorvald to join your party and then get the glasses from his inventory.
  • You can kill Thorvald and then read his diary and get the glasses off his corpse.
  • You can steal a schematic for the glasses from the chest next to Thorvald's bed, and have the spectacles shop in Ashbury make you a pair, provided that you also have a Kathorn crystal.

You can also get this information from his spirit if you decide to kill him first.


A. Exit to the world map and the ship back to the Ashbury docks. Once you leave the island you won't be able to come back without an exploit, so make sure that all of your business is completes before you leave.