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Jayna Stiles is an educated half-elf young woman, an orphan living in Dernholm.

She is a local healer and doctor, but is dissatisfied with not being to study medical science properly and help the local people more thoroughly. The Kingdom of Cumbria's strict edicts against adopting newer technologies and sciences limit her potential education and material means, leaving Jayna distraught that the people of Dernholm and Cumbria are dying because of preventable and curable diseases and injuries.

The Living One can recruit her as a follower.

As a herbologist with a technological affinity, she will offer her services as a party member as long as the player character has a technological aptitude of at least 10, is a high enough level, and is capable of conversing with her on the subject of her study.


Scientific specialisation[]

Jayna specialises in Herbology and Therapeutics, in line with her medical practice.