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Jonathan Frink was a Vendigrothian professor and member of the League of Scientists. He was a colleague, and sometimes adversary, of Aldous Hunley.

Frink said that Hunley’s theories on both buoyancy and air recycling were based on sound principles, but that Hunley had arrived at, at best, questionable conclusions regarding his ability to control those important factors. He feared that his plan for reestablishing buoyancy by means of pressurized air was doomed to failure. When that ‘monstrosity’ would submerge, he feared that it would never rise again. Frink implored Hunley to do more tests prior to conducting field studies, but Hunley was determined to prove his theories at any cost.

Seven days later, Hunley was declared missing and presumed dead. Frink said that it was a sad day for all science, and while they may have disagreed on quite a few matters, they still respected each other’s opinions. “He will be missed,” he said. Frink predicted the submersible’s failure as a probable result, and attempted to dissuade Hunley from proceeding with the test, but to no avail. As he walked away from a press conference where Hunley’s disappearance was publicized, he said that he imagined that his colleague was resting somewhere on the ocean floor, about now.


He is named after the professor on The Simpsons, Jonathan Frink, Jr.