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The Jekyll and Hyde build is a way to essentially play two characters at once -- a Mage by night, and a Technologist by day (or vice versa).

Background Variants[]

  • The original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is based on a Victorian era Human Technologist by day, who becomes a fantastical humanoid creature by night. Use the Night Mage Background for this.
  • However if you want to be, for example, a reputable mage by day and a tech thief by night, then use the Day Mage background.
  • Nature Mage is yet another way to spin it, as a city technologist and a country magicker.

Race Variants[]

  • An Elf plus a Patched Dark Helm gives you a base swing of 55 MA by night, and 0 TA by day.
  • If you do not want to use a patch and the Dark Helm, then you can play it as an Half-elf with a base swing of 25 MA by night, and 0 TA by day.

Basic Strategy[]

Final Thoughts[]