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Ke'ree Melange is one of twelve pre-made player characters, available to players of Arcanum from the "Pick Character" selection screen, under the "New Game" option in the main menu.

Ke'ree is a female half-elf, a survivor of the mysterious attack on the IFS Zephyr and the airship's subsequent crash landing.


  • Stats:
  • Carry Weight: 3500
  • Damage Bonus: -1
  • AC Adjustment: -1
  • Speed: 9
  • Heal Rate: 3
  • Poison Recovery: 8
  • Reaction Modifier: -3


Ke'ree Melange has always lived in two worlds. Her father was a human politician, and her mother an elven sorceress, and she has learned to be a little like them both. Having grown up in both elven villages and bustling cities, she has come to appreciate the powers of adaptation and persuasion. She has always excelled in everything she has done.

Ker'ee also remembers arguments between her mother and father concerning the nature of magick and technology, and why one was better than the other. After studying them both, she has concluded that both have merit, and that each has its place. After all, she thinks, if you can't live in two worlds, then you're obviously trapped in one...

Having come to that conclusion, this very afternoon she has purchased a ticket on the IFS Zephyr, bound for Tarant. If there is a new world, she wants to be in it...


  • There is a typo in her given name. On some screens, it is written as "Ke'ree", on others as "Ker'ee", with an apostrophe placed slightly further in the name. The articles on this wiki use Ke'ree, since that seems to be the more common way her name is written in.
  • Her given name seems to be an elven/fantasy riff on the real world name Kerry, an uncommon male and female given name, possibly inspired by the name of County Kerry in Ireland. Her surname, Melange, is the same as the French word melange - a "mixture" of something - in a nod to her half-elven roots.