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"Perhaps you know of my antagonistic counterpart, Pollock? Wretched individual. No style, no originality. Very coarse. Well, I tire of having him as a thorn in my side, you follow? The job pays 1500 coins. Are you interested?"
-Clan Leader Damian Maug


Damian Maug wishes to have the only criminal gang and be the sole de facto leader of The Boil.


The Bentley[]

Maug Home

  • The player can conduct small talk with Maug (point 1) about the Age of Legends, Zalakar the Bold, the Black Legion, and Shape-shifters
  • Eventually the topic of Pollock will come up, with speculation on how he runs his operation
  • Finally Maug will offer the player a job to assassinate Pollock
  • With a Persuasion of 12/20 the player can also get a Repeater Rifle to assist with the quest

The Closed Sewers (optional)[]

Port Tarant CSoT

  • If the player does not want to conduct a direct frontal assault, then they may try a stealth approach
  • The Bentley (see above), Pollock's HQ (see below) and the Port of Tarant all have access to the closed sewers of Tarant
  • Point 1 is the Port entrance, Point 2 is the access to Pollock's HQ, and Point 3 is the access to the Bentley
  • This route can be used to avoid the bulk of Pollock's defenses

Pollock's House[]

Pollock Home

  • The player can find Pollock (point 1) in his house on the east side of The Boil, which is all Clan Pollock territory
  • If the party goes for a frontal assault then they will face over half-dozen powerful and well armed gang members in the HQ's courtyard
  • Defeating them and getting the locked door open will let the party finish off Pollock

The Bentley[]

  • When the player returns they will earn Maug's respect and thanks
  • Also he gives a reward of 1500 gp, 4600 exp, and the rifle if they received one earlier


  • Entering Clan Pollock territory will trigger other denizens in the area, so be prepared
  • Sebastian may also give the player a quest to kill Pollock, but this is separate and under different circumstances