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This is the Dodge Master Training Quest, and part of a possible Chain Quest for the Adkin Chambers and Sir Garrick Stout saga.

Note that if done alone and separate, then it will botch the Melee Master Quest

Path 1, Dodge Mastery only[]

This path is for players who only desire Dodge Mastery and will NEVER want Melee Mastery

  • Obtain Dodge Expert training from either Hekmer Oggdoddler in Black Root or Winde in Qintarra
  • Seek out Adkin Chambers in Stillwater
  • Accept Chambers' quest to Kill Sir Garrick Stout and bring back Stout's eyes
  • Go to Dernholm and complete the task
  • Return to Stillwater: your reward is Master Training and 8,500 xp
  • Notes:
    • This botches ANY attempt for the Melee Mastery quest in the future
    • If Stout is killed previous to this, then Chambers will accept your word and train you if you are high enough rank