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"I am Milo, Mr. Maug's man Friday as it were. I decide who enters, [and] I have a job for you to do before I'll let you inside. Are you interested in a bit of the old rough work?"
-Milo, doorman for the Bentley


The Bentley is where Muggs sends the player to see Damián Maug, if he has completed Muggs earlier quest


The Bentley[]

  • Milo is a Gnome who is the doorman and gatekeeper of the Bentley
  • Milo won't let the player enter until they perform a quest for him
  • Milo wants the player to kill the Half-orc Treat; a Clan Pollock member and potential suitor of his girlfriend

Treat's House[]

  • The player can find Treat in his house on the east side of The Boil in Clan Pollock territory
  • The party may get a chance to talk to Treat first, or they may get immediately attacked
  • Treat may keep his original form, or he may transform into a Spirit Snake
  • Regardless, kill Treat and return to Milo

The Bentley[]

  • Confronting Milo about Treat's undisclosed shape-shifting ability might net you an extra 50 gp
  • Otherwise he gives his usual reward of 500 gp, 4600 exp, and your audience with Damian Maug


  • Entering Clan Pollock territory may trigger other denizens in the area, so be prepared
  • Killing or bypassing Milo to get to Damian Maug botches the opportunity to join either gang