Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura Wiki

After talking with Mr Willoughsby, a man, Heinrich Jenks appears in the room outside. He wants you to assassinate the King Of Caladon, he tells you to meet Vernon in the Kitchen for more details. When the job is done he will meet you again in Grant’s Tavern and give you 20,000 gold.

You can tell Mr Willoughsby and he will send Lorham, his bodyguard to deal with him (this botches the quest).

Travelling to Caladon, you need to talk with Renard first and then you will find Vernon who gives you a key.

You can also get into the palace by hiding in a crate on the Caladon waterfront.

Upstairs you will find a guard patrolling, he will try and kill you on sight (getting past him depends on your style prowling and backstab work well here). Make sure you loot the rooms as there is a lot of jewellery. Go through the ventilation system and explore.It is worthwhile making your way to the treasure vault. The door can be difficult to pick (or break down without damaging weapons). There is a lot of gold and items here. There is also a stairway up to the kings bedroom. Killing the king will earn you a reputation. Every inhabitant in Caladon will try and kill you. So if you really want to do this quest, you should complete all others in Caladon first.

Returning to Grant’ Tavern in Tarant you can pick up your blood money.

Editor’s note – using Dominate Will and walking out the main gate and disposing of the King later is probably the easiest way of completing this (or just using Teleport).