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"We are a poor people now, with limited resources, and I fear my citizens are slowly starving. Cursed technology has toppled my dear Cumbria from its former glory. I courted the mages of Tulla in an effort to defeat the technology driven madness of Arland. They swore technology was weak compared to the magicks they wielded, yet it was strong enough to defeat our economy. They could not face the truth after their ignorance doomed me. Eventually, they all fled.”
-A Conversation with King Praetor


King Praetor can be found in his palace in Dernholm.


The king will generally talk to the player about the dire state of his kingdom, and the role that technology (or the lack thereof) has played in this condition.



  • Praetor does not respond well to players who are ugly and/or who are technologically inclined, so some groveling may be needed
  • If Dante has joined the party for the Taxes quest, Praetor will first threaten him, then change his mind and reinstate him as head of the Church

Levelling Scheme[]

King Praetor is a warrior who has been trained with all weapon types including, ironically, Firearms. Also, as Royalty, he is well versed in the art of the social skills.
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  • haggle 4
  • melee 4
  • st 10
  • bow 4
  • firearms 4
  • be 10
  • heal 4
  • persuasion 4
  • ch 10
  • pe 10
  • Gambling 8
  • throwing 4
  • bow 8
  • melee 8
  • cn 16
  • wp 20
  • cn 20
  • st 20



King Praetor was basically a child who took the throne, and who never grew up. His father, King Torren died in battle after instituting a kingdom-wide ban on technology. His Mage advisors approved of the ban, and they banished Praetor's older brother (and rightful heir) Prince Maximilliam to the Isle of Despair when the crown prince resisted the idea. That basically left the young Praetor to the mercy of his mage council.

The mages finally fled to Tulla as the Kingdom of Arland and the Unified Kingdom embraced Technology and surpassed the Kingdom of Cumbria, leaving the Kingdom and an ignorant but stubborn Praetor to fend for themselves. Time has not been time to either: under Praetor's rule relations with the UK and Arland have worsened, the outer provinces have left or are in the process of doing so, and his one and only heir abdicated and died. There appears to be little hope for this tragic figure.